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    Fiat Panda. Ultimate pride of Giorgetto Giugiaro.

    In 1980 the Fiat Panda saw the light of day. The small angular Italian was marketed to provide cheap and practical transportation. The Panda also fulfilled its maker's wish to introduce the successful front-wheel drive concept from, for example, the 127 and the Autobianchi A112 in the smallest class. Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro managed to design a striking and extremely successful car. It remained in production for 23 years. Sea

  • ice cream classics

    Next Saturday, IJsselclassics in Welsum

    It is already the thirteenth time that the oldtimer festival IJsselclassics is organized in Welsum, between Deventer and Zwolle. That will happen on Saturday 4 September, a must for the classic enthusiast.  Sea

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    YICS and other afkos

    At the beginning of the eighties, the idea was to run combustion engines cleaner and more economically. It seemed as if they already knew that the petrol here would cost almost 2 euros. Suzuki was working on the Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers, Honda successfully experimented with the CVCC, or Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion and that was the start of a whole lot of cleverness with Yamaha's YICS that now leaves us with a pile of abbreviations. Kewl!

  • R69S sail two

    A challenging project: Bens R69S – column

    Ben van Helden teaches goldsmith training in his own academy. He is a lovely person. And of course he is also a motorcycle enthusiast. We both have a mild preference for lost and forgotten dreams and for bikes with a serious scratching factor. We have been working on old motorcycles for a very long time and where many people scour the internet for unique finds, we still live old-fashioned. We know many people who know many people. And we kindly try to keep our ears open. Sea

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    Coming home to Schalsum. Cheers!

    I park the Opel on the site of Autobedrijf de Roy. In the cozy Schalsum, near Franeker, I am looking forward to what is to come. I could be found there more often. After the first report with Peter and his son Thomas, I regularly went to Peter de Roy's garage. And then […] Sea

  • It's 1969, Yeaahh baby!

    The special designs of Ogle Design

    It's 1969 and the cinemas are showing “Easy Rider”, a cult film that reflects exactly what the young generation felt. Freedom! Spin the throttle on a chopper, to the sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival. A new era was approaching, dominated by Aquarius, everything became possible. Drugs, free love, the pill, the psychedelic colors, the miniskirt, Woodstock, in your ears John Fogerty sings “Get your motor running”… Sea

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    Yamaha's half V-max: the XZ 550

    The Japanese used to be brave and searching. Or bravely searching. The new motorcycle world and its inhabitants were yet to be discovered. In the late 70s, it was actually about more and more power. But in the eighties the manufacturers also wanted to propagate their vision of the future. Yamaha saw the future in the XZ550, the 'Vision'. Sea

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    GM Stir-Lec. Hybrid prototype with the body of the Opel Kadett-B Coupé

    During the XNUMXs, General Motors developed many hybrid prototypes. At the end of the Sixties, this resulted in the special GM Stir-Lec I and II. Thanks in part to the application of the Stirling engine, they were unique in their technical kind. The Stir-Lecs did not make it to the production stage. But the principles of that time offer in modern […] Sea

  • Volvo 66

    The last Dafs

    What was the last Daf? The 46, most people will say. Correct. The Daf 46 was the last, until 1977, to bear the Daf logo. The Volvo 66! That was really just a Daf 66 with Volvo logos on it, wasn't it? And it was sold until 1980. Sea

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