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    The Chinese takeaway, part 2 – column

    A befriended BMW six-cylinder motorcyclist recently counted down two grand for a major overhaul, including fresh brake pads and new tires. His dealer charges € 100 per hour without VAT. Another BMW enthusiast, Gerhard, has closed his four-cylinder history. He missed the boxer feeling and found his four-cylinder unfriendly maintenance and not winter-resistant. (Amazed reaction from BMW Motorrad NL: “But you drive it through the winter?!”) He has started driving a real BMW again: an RT100. In his spotless workspace he does all maintenance and repairs himself. Sea

  • Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982)

    Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982). The fire of joy for Jetse 

    A beautiful story of father and son with a healthy dose of car enthusiasts. In 2015 a Volkswagen Scirocco was found and the passion broke through to start a restoration job. It was the right thing to do, nothing could stop them, it felt good and they both let themselves be guided by a fantastic sense of pleasure. If you are enthusiastic, then nothing seems difficult, but it took at least 5 years of hard work to prepare the Volkswagen for a second life.  Sea

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    The hero of the Route Nationale

    July 26, 1936: in front of the building of the French automobile club at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, a muddy Citroën 11CV. A small, not very young, somewhat stocky Frenchman steps out, who has just driven 400.000 kilometers in one year. Francois Lecot thus set a record, which was only broken in 2003. Sea

  • Honda NTV 650

    Honda NTV 650 (1988-1993). Old or Classic?

    Like a Triumph Bonneville from 1969 you envision as a classic? Then an engine, a Honda NTV, from the eighties or nineties is of course just a new thing. So classic? Or just old? Oh, yes: it has shaft drive. The Honda NTV is an excellent all-rounder with its very own identity and the absolutely indestructible technology with which Honda has built its empire. Sea

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    SM for advanced

    Countless jokes must have been made about that: SM as in Sadomasochism. A kick to open goal. Because the Citroëns with their Maserati engines were quite characterful. They asked the hand of very good mechanics and enthusiastic drivers. History records that the members of the Moluccan band 'Massada' were SM enthusiasts. They knew that the expensive-sounding rattle in the block was often quite harmless and bought their SMs for change. Johan Cruijff also drove one and they were there Citroën on the Amsterdam Stadionweg very happy with it. Sea

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    Die vor der Tankstelle

    We're going to talk about the last mass-produced Western European two-stroke car, the 102 DKW F1963. I did a search on the used and classic sites. At the time of writing this piece, there is exactly one for sale in the entire European Union. And not even that expensive. You can get it for 15.000 euros. That is considerably less than its DKW peers in the same condition. The F102 was a worry child. And that wasn't because of its basic design.

  • Renault 16 TS 1968. Jaap's direct hit 1

    Renault 16 TS (1968). Jaap's direct hit

    Jaap loves Renault, the French voiture has already conquered his motorists' heart during his working years at the Renault dealer Rosier in Leeuwarden. Already at that time he thought it was an appearance with daring modern contours and we are talking about the 60s/70s. In principle, the Renault 16 TS has the same body as the normal 16, but is equipped with various improvements. All the extras as standard equipment showed a price tag of ƒ 9.995  Sea

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    A rare classic. However?

    There are enthusiasts, clubs and specialists for most brands and types. That hasn't always been the case. Because once you had to be at the Vehikel to find a set of exhausts for a CB 750 K2 after a day of digging through boxes under a trestle table. For 100 guilders. For the whole set. There was also an air box somewhere for a CB750 K0 and a set of cable operated carburettors. When purchasing the four carburettors, the metallic red air filter housing was included for free. Because parts for old Japs? The only thing that was obvious about them was that they weren't worth anything. Sea

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    Mercedes Benz 400 SE. A jubilee series in Auto Motor Klassiek

    More than thirty years ago, the Baureihe 140 from Mercedes-Benz made its debut at the Geneva Salon. Today, the hugely proportioned Mercedes-Benz is especially respected. It was different during the launch, the Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 140 was presented under an unfavorable star. But that has long since been forgotten and forgiven. Why this is so noticed […] Sea

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    Opel Kadett. The Return of the Kadett

    It was on a bleak spring morning in 1959 that a group of men in gray coats and fedora hats walked around an old industrial estate in Bochum, a drab mining town in the heart of the Ruhr region. They were directors of Adam Opel AG. They had just acquired the largest construction site of the 60s. A brand new car factory was to be built there from 1960. But for what? Nobody knew. Sea

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    Life as in a reality show – column

    Once, a long time ago… Then there was the ANWB magazine Promotor. In the early days, the promoter had a pleasant, uninhibited, somewhat alert approach. The construction of the PromotorMotor fitted in with this. That was a fixer-upper bought on the Vehikel, a sloppy XS650. I was allowed to do the renovation completely to my own taste. Sea

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    Cart horse or thoroughbred? The AMK translation service

    There are car and motorcycle manufacturers where the marketers don't care about the past and have an emotional customer loyalty. We noticed this during contacts about Suzuki's centenary. There are manufacturers who cherish their historical heritage. They still supply parts for the vehicles they once made or at least keep the administrative files of 'before' up to date. Sea

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