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    Dreams and dropshippers

    You dream in bed. However? Because where else would you find a great 2CV Sahara for € 7.500? Well: on the internet. And somewhere there is bound to be a loser who has already transferred that amount with the promise of the mega-duck seller that the car would be delivered to his home prepaid. NOT! The last Sahara we saw was put on the market with “Bid from € 120.000”. That's just such a strange amount, but it comes closer to the madness that is currently called 'De Markt'. Sea

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    Even more sportswear for a civilian: VW Overdevest (?)

    The June issue of AMK – the kiosks are open again, but of course you can also take out a dirt cheap subscription – contains the heart-warming story about the Martaré Sportscar. That is a VW Beetle chassis in athletic outfit. He manly pretends to be a cousin of the Ford GT40. But that's just the plastic side of the story. Sea

  • VW Fusca (1963)

    VW Fusca (1963). VW do Brasil by Willie. 

    Connoisseurs will then know that we are talking about an air-cooled type that was produced in Brazil, and that is of course our trusted solid VW Beetle. This story is about this world car that actually crossed the ocean (2008) and came from tropical Brazil – via Portugal – to the cold Netherlands.  Sea

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    Crewe. Bentley headquarters for 75 years

    Abingdon, Manchester, Longbridge, Oxford, Blackpool, Malvern, Castle Bromwich, Cowley. Just a few names of places where the British car industry was rooted and once had glorious times. Crewe should not be missing in that list of names. This place name symbolizes one of the most exclusive car brands in the world. For 75 years people have been building there in the […] Sea

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    Racing with Westfields

    There is a link between parts supplier Brezan and Westfieldracerij. And that link is Ivan Kok. He regularly sends the match reports of 'his' brand. So something about Westfields ... Sea

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    If your classic turns out to be stolen

    While he is not gone ... Too bad, but unfortunately You think of course: “bought is bought, so from me”. Usually it works. But there can be a big catch in our playing field. Here's how: A vague acquaintance saw a nice motorcycle on the internet. A classic project. He went to visit the seller. […] Sea

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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. From 1300 to 2000: the introduction

    Koen de Groot has been the owner of a beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super for many years. His father Frans spent a lifetime working on his Alfa Romeo passion. He will equip his son's Giulia with a new heart: a two-liter Alfa Nord engine with modified specifications. We are going to follow and share this motor transformation […] Sea

  • ASA 1000 GT
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    ASA 1000 GT. Artwork by Italian grand masters.

    For a long, very long time, Enzo Ferrari argued that a number of twelve cylinders was the minimum standard for the cars that could bear his name. Still, the Italian car grandmaster revised his starting point. Ferrari wanted to generate a stable revenue stream to support its core business on a permanent basis. Ferrari was looking for additional finances for the racing activities of the Italians. It forced the Italians to develop a car with a smaller displacement. That step was the precursor for the ASA brand, which existed from 1962 to 1967. Sea

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