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    Škoda. From prejudices to millions of production

    On March 28, 2021, it was thirty years ago that Škoda and Volkswagen were linked together. However, the first contacts between Škoda and Volkswagen already started in the late XNUMXs. From that moment on, the Czechoslovakians and the Germans had a good relationship with each other, which resulted in an extremely […] Sea

  • Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954)

    Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954): Enviously beautiful. 

    Few cars were built in the last century that had as much character as the Citroën Traction Avant. With this Citroën also came the definitive breakthrough of front-wheel drive. Over time he appeared in various versions. Maybe that's why quite a few have been preserved and luckily you will come across several in the summer months.  Sea

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    A concours d'élégance.

    A Concours d'élégance. Kind of like a beauty pageant for classics. And just like a beauty pageant, it is about so much more than a nice face above a pleasantly sculpted body. It's about quality and perfection down to the last detail. Sea

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    Classic Prizes: Go where the money is

    The most impressive nonsense wisdom I ever heard: 'Money is the most important thing in the world. That is why it is also called money. ' And in trade it is about 'money'. That idea rages some thinkers 1.0. Sea

  • Yamaha RD 350 LC

    Yamaha RD 350 LC

    The seventies were the peak years in the short history of the two-stroke. At the end of that period, in 1979, Yamaha introduced the ultimate two-stroke street fighter: the Yamaha RD 350 LC (1979-1983). Sea

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    Disc brakes

    Progress and I are not always on good terms. My first motorcycle with a front disc brake was one Triumph T150V Trident. That engine was at Van de Kuinder in Hilversum as a trade-in. Nico actually preferred not to sell the thing to a younger buyer. The Tridents did not have the best reputation back in the days when younger heavy machinery buyers often used the throttle as an ON / OFF switch. Sea

  • Renault Rambler (1966)

    Renault Rambler (1966): Stylish 'French' American for Christiaan Aaldijk ... 

    Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault. Sea

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    Tours. If they can again

    Whatever the corona jitters do: People are already planning tours. And it is to be hoped that our Great Leaders, whether or not outgoing, will soon allow that kind of 'Spielerei' again. Sea

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    Restore yourself… a fat Healey

    The idea is that everyone used to restore and that classics are now only bought in tip-top condition by investors or the new rich looking for fun lifestyle things. That deserves a side note. Because if you are in 'the classic world', you can usually name a handful of fellow sufferers who at least tinker themselves and possibly half of them at least have a restoration history. Sea

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    Float with stars around Leek and Roden

    It is Saturday 20 March, the digital time display in the Astra indicates that it is 16.10 pm. More than half an hour earlier I said goodbye to Peter and Mike in Roden. I decide to put the car aside at a gas station between Drachten and Leeuwarden. I get coffee and outside […] Sea

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