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    Dreams, memories and prizes

    Auto Motor Klassiek is our revenue model in print. The site is our 'serving model'. The site costs you nothing and we have something new to report every day of the year. We enjoy this and the large number of daily visitors, which proves that we are not the only ones there. Sea

  • Citroën 2 CV6 Special (1986)

    Citroën 2 CV6 Special (1986). Who is the designer? 

    Citroën has always been a brand of which various modifications and creations have been made. When we see this beautiful design, then shouldn't driving on summer days be a great pleasure? Nothing beats the feeling of driving with the top open. A project that commands respect due to its sublime execution and finish, what a privilege it must be to own such a special classic.  Sea

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    2020. Gloomy year with personal classic highlights

    Just a few more days, then 2020 will be ready. It was a year in which the world was in the grip of COVID-19, in all its profoundness, in all its facets. A year too, in which working and living took on a whole new dimension. That was also true for myself. Fortunately, I was spared the necessary suffering. Moreover […] Sea

  • Ford Prefect

    Memories of my Ford Prefect  

    It was 1960. A wet autumn with a lot of rain and wind. My motorcycle, a 500 cc Matchless, stayed in the stable, because riding was not very attractive in that weather. That gave me a problem, because I really wanted to be with my girl (later my wife). I had already thought of various things before, but each time came up with the same solution… the purchase of a car! Sea

  • Fiat 850 Sport Coupé

    Fiat 850 Sport Coupé: optical illusion

    For the holidays they also looked for some suitable presents. For example, in the circle of friends, someone's daughter is completely crazy about Fiats 850 Sport Coupé. She's only sixteen. But it will be fine. And what better way to give such a person in the waiting period than a nice scale model? Sea

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    NSU TTS. Popular athlete from Neckarsulm.

    The 1967 facelift of the Prinz 1000 - which from then on was called 'NSU 1000' - was the signal for NSU to also tackle the sporty variant. The TT was equipped with a 1177 cc engine, which produced 65 HP. It replaced the 1085 cc engine from the Prinz TT. The Neckarsulmer company, however, honored the 1000 cc engine from the NSU Prinz 1000 and NSU 996. This was - in highly adapted form - intended for the fastest 'Prinz derivative' of NSU: The NSU TTS. Sea

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    Exhaust systems. Quality comes at a price

    Exhaust gases leave the engine under high pressure and expand enormously immediately after leaving the combustion chambers. The explosion of the gas mixture and the expansion of the exhaust gases leaving the block create the noise, the sound or the 'sound'. The most common intention is to reduce this noise to something that children and dogs do not flee from. Sea

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