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  • Opel Olympia A

    Opel Olympia A: the sympathetic luxury brother of the Kadett B

    We write 1967. Opel's range of models has a structure that appeals to many motorists. Launched in 1965, the Kadett-B is available in a variety of variants and trim levels and continues the success of its predecessor. The next model variant in the series is the considerably larger and fairly fresh Opel Rekord B. The increasingly diverse demands of consumers force Opel to have the range intertwined in the sixties. More

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    American orders, Covid19 and a koekwaus

    Classic fans usually know how the hares run. They know their addresses. But sometimes things go wrong. For example, a global epidemic could break out. And if one of the affected countries is ruled by someone we heard called in horror as 'an insane koekwaus' ... More

  • Chevrolet Corvair (1963)

    Chevrolet Corvair (1963). René Kennis wants to see the 'life' of the car. 

    The insidious rust did little damage to this sheet metal victim, so it was far from succumbed. There is no doubt that nursing is needed. The plans are therefore to fight the robber knight (rust), but there will be no total restoration, because René believes that you should continue to see the 'life' of the American. So no major visible changes, the paint remains patina. The improvements come with the engine overhaul and the restoration of the sheet metal.  More

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    75 Years after the war - column

    In Germany nowadays you have to have whole rows of stamped stamps on your exhaust system. Moreover, that exhaust system must be 'eedetragen' in your 'Brief'. If your exhaust system is not legal, you will immediately receive a fine and the Polizei will confiscate your motorcycle until an 'Original Auspuffanlage' hangs under it. There is no tampering with that while the […] More

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    Hillman Avenger. Rootes' first and last Chrysler-flagged creation

    For years, Hillman had built the Minx over several generations. The Minx was allowed to retire in 1970, and by now it was clear what Rootes used as a new asset. The Hillman Avenger entered the scene in February 1970, taking on rivals from British Leyland, Vauxhall (Viva) and Ford (Escort / Cortina). The Avenger was after the […] More

  • Austin Mini Cooper S copy

    Austin Mini Cooper S (1977) look-a-like 

    Stefan Schoof's 'pride' started his car life as a Mini 1100 special. Through effort, enthusiasm and dedication, he turned it into a 'look a like' Mini Cooper S. Stefan was a fan of English cars from a very young age, so no episode of the comedy series by Mr. Bean, in which the Mini played a leading role.  More

  • Willy's jeep

    Willys Jeep: 'Built for Victory' 

    This well-known timeless military vehicle by Tjerk Stellema has been in the family for more than 70 years. It is showing off in the showroom of the eponymous car company. The “4 wheel drive utility vehicle” comes from the well-known army stocks that were distributed throughout the Netherlands by the National Traffic Inspectorate after the Second World War.  More

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    Ostalgie: Trabant and MZ

    Talked to someone yesterday about the former GDR where life was good for about 80% of the people. Housing was cheap, education and health care were good and free. And if you just walked in line, you would have a job, or at least a job, all your life. More

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    Citroën Ami 8. NOREV's Golden Grip in 1:18

    About the Citroën Ami 8 we do not have to explain anything to you as a classic enthusiast. The Citroën descends in a straight line from the Ami 6, and in terms of bodywork it was again inspired by Project C60, from which many years later the… ..GS would emerge. It actually indicates that the Ami was a bridge between […] More

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    Lancia Beta: Beautiful!

    When Fiat took over Lancia in 1969, the company had ceased to be a technical director the year after the death of technical director Antonio Fessia. Ing. Sergio Camuffo was given the task of developing the new Lancia model in the early 1970s. More

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    Mercedes-Benz W123

    From 22 to 28 January 1976 Mercedes-Benz showed its long-awaited new offshoot, the Mercedes-Benz W123. Under the southern French sun, the new Stuttgarter trump card in the upper middle class was shown to the trade press on the Paul Ricard circuit. The introduction marked the start of a successful episode in the history of Mercedes-Benz 40 years ago. The media are very enthusiastic and this favorable call is not without consequences.  More

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