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    Winter time, key time

    Okay, it's not winter yet, but summer has passed its peak. And that is the time to stop dreaming and what to do. In recent years, we have seen a trend that buyers of classics have the luxury to go for convenience. Sea

  • Peugeot 203 C

    Peugeot 203 C (1955). Delighted about the property

    Of course we would like to know everything about this 203 C. originally with a French registration number. Wouter says: “It came to the Netherlands in a light blue original color to be restored. The owner probably did not have enough time to start the time-consuming job and offered it - in 2016 - at a classic car event in Twijzelerheide (Fr). Sea

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    Powder coating and blasting

    We were doing a job with a very friendly technology enthusiast and saw a track bike with a striking silver frame color. The paint had a hard, smooth and deep gloss. Our host Bart Verstijnen turned out to be the man behind Custom Coatings Helvoirt and was just as passionate about his work […] Sea

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    An online movie column

    It is again to get on the bike well dressed. The current correct motorcyclists also do this at temperatures above 30 degrees. They also generally find motorcycles too noisy. Obey traffic laws. And drink spring water from the right brands. Fine. Sea

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    Peugeot 104. Recurring childhood fascination

    In 1972 Peugeot introduced the shortest sedan in the world. The French brought the angular 104, which was fitted as standard with four doors and a sloping rear. Not with a fifth door, but with a separate trunk. I used to love the high-legged and angular 104 with […] Sea

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    Classics from a legacy. Part 2

    A collection of classics that has been built up over thirty or even fifty years ... It can be impressive. And largely 'invisible'. We know of a collector who has 94 antique bicycles that his wife knows nothing about. A now XNUMX-year-old widow knew that her husband had a few old motorcycles and the car in which they were married […] Sea

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    The same parts for a lower price

    We usually do not have unlimited budgets for our passion. Fortunately, there is a lot to do without the wallet getting sunken cheeks. Those cheap (er) solutions don't even have to detract from the result. A bunch of weathered exhaust curves And so we come to the exhaust curves of one of our daily classics. The mid-years […] Sea

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    Universals. Passion for technology. And the future

    Recently we were in Zaandam for a job. Afterwards we passed a garage where a few classics were behind glass on the first floor. We put the car safely under a parking prohibition sign, walked gently past some electric Randstad cars and entered Autovink, a real, classic universal garage with an eye […] Sea

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    Simca Rallye. Beloved rejuvenation treatment for a proven recipe

    In 1970 Simca caused a sensation by introducing the 1000 Rallye. Simca developed this sporty 1000 version herself, and the launch time was striking to say the least. The 1000 concept had been around for nine years and according to prevailing opinion no longer lived up to the spirit of the times. But Simca actually dug into the market in a smart way […] Sea

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    Riding an army motorcycle: It can be cheap

    Seventy-five years after the liberation, the WLA and C models from Harley-Davidson, the BMW R75 and thick Zündapp boxers have actually become unaffordable. Other European ex-army motorcycles from WWII are still reasonably to affordable. Think of the British and the now recognized classic Russian M72 models (which are clones of the BMW R71). In front of […] Sea

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    DAF Daffodil (1965). Genius car from Cor and Rianne

    Is it no wonder that DAF is still loosening so much? And can you suppress that emotion? When this beautiful DAF Daffodil was parked in Dokkum it was even difficult to take a picture, the passenger car from Dutch soil attracted so much interest. By: Dirk de Jong The qualities of the DAF brand ensure that […] Sea

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