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    Maserati. Special during the early years of Formula 1

    In 2020, Formula 1 will be 70 years old. Soon, the Royal Class of motor racing will be restarted after the forced corona break. It means that new events and heroic deeds are added to the now rich history. That Formula 1 history produced beautiful moments. Take the famous 'double' victory in Formula 1. It was […] Sea

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    Retro. Can we do something with that?

    Retro is modern. We go back to then. In 1969 BMW announced to the world that 50 DIN horsepower was the absolute highest safe power for a road motorcycle. The Honda CB750 Four delivered 67. After that it went fast. There was for a moment the self-limitation to 100 hp imposed by the Germans. But that also blew over. […] Sea

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    Carvers Tilting Technology: no success

    Sometimes something is a doubt: Is it classic or maybe it will be? Is it then a car or a motorcycle? Or a thing test. We now live in strange times. But Brink Dynamics' Carver Tilting Vehicle Designs were also strange. Sea

  • National road 7

    Route Nationale 7. Holiday tip for the classic enthusiast

    Will this be the holiday destination of 2020 for you? The Route National 7, also known as the 'N7'. In the United States, Route 66 is a dream, in France the N7. This famous road is also known as the Route bleue - the Blue road - or Route des vacances - the holiday road - is a national road in France, connecting Paris with the Italian border in Menton. Sea

  • Sunbeam Alpine (1965)
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    Sunbeam Alpine (1965). Unprecedented driving pleasure

    Do you have any idea how to recognize a classic fan? He or she suddenly pops up when a classic comes into view. Always take the mobile with you so that photos can be taken immediately. Does not stop talking about classics and old-timers. Visibly gets a warm feeling. That also happened to us when we saw a beautiful 'open air' Sunbeam Alpine in the Frisian town of Ee. Sea

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    Biker at the bakery

    Here it is all still not too bad with the Coronakriebels. And in the morning at the bakery there is now a fairly stable group of people on the sidewalk waiting for their turn. Nice in the sun. So, like in the Randstad, we don't fall into a dead silence. But we'll talk until… “Oops! I can go in. ” Sea

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    Range Rover Classic. The niche far beyond

    On June 17, 2020 it was fifty years ago that the concept of “luxury off-road vehicle” gained momentum. Then the Range Rover was presented to the car press. Also to the surprise of the British manufacturers themselves, the adoration of the Range Rover quickly took shape. The niche product became loved very quickly, and […] Sea

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    Honda CBF125: fast forward

    Last night talking until the wee hours about… classics. What are they? How original or perfect they should be and what will become classics. Seems like a very recognizable topic of conversation and last night it was about a Lomax, an own interpretation of a Guzzi café racer with reversed heads and injection and the Honda CBF125 from 2012 […] Sea

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    Classics in Canada

    Lovers of South Park know how Americans view Canadians. In the eyes of the Americans, Canadians are strangers. Very strange, mostly British foreigners. And Canadians often see Americans as the people whose greatest tour de force has been to exterminate the RESTORE Native Americans and drink Budweiser. A kind of barbarians. Sea

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