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    Air suspension: A Harley crash bar with a valve

    Recently we were busy with a story about that brand that puts so much past into its future: Harley-Davidson. Now a classic Harley is a kind of motorcycle where you expect very dated 1.0 technology. Old Harleys are not called 'Hardly-Ablestones' for nothing. By the way, new Harleys only pretend to be classic. They hang by their […] Sea

  • Haflinger

    Haflinger, small but brave

    “The Haflinger is a popular horse that stands out for its chestnut color with a light flax-colored mane and tail. With his small height, he falls in size among the ponies, but is nevertheless a horse breed. He is a versatile horse that puts his best foot forward in almost all forms of equestrian sport ”. Personally, I don't have much […] Sea

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    Audi 80 F 103. Long-term parking

    What do you do if you own a 80 Audi 103 F 1967 that still looks excellent but is no longer going to provide driving pleasure? The owner's answer is simple: Put it in the attic, maybe it is just like in the fairytale, after many years some prince will come who […] Sea

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    Ex police vehicles and flashing lights: Is that allowed?

    Here in the Netherlands, a quite impressive number of ex-police motorcycles (and cars) are driving around. You don't often see them on the road, but they are often used at events and celebrations. This is always done in close consultation with the Authorities, because before you know it you will have misunderstandings. Those retired civil servants are usually very impressive and tough […] Sea

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    Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020. Indispensable for enthusiasts

    From January 31 to February 2, the halls of the Messe Bremen will once again be dominated by the opening of the German classic season. In the Netherlands, the kick-off has already been done with InterClassics in Maastricht, but those who want to visit another great event should definitely travel to the Bremen Classic Motor Show next weekend […] Sea

  • Cees Fick YZ840 Special

    Cees Fick YZ840 Special

    We talked about the legendary self-made techie Cees Fick Auto Motor Klassiek already an impressive article. The man who actually used a textile factory as an alibi for his passion hooked on what was there, and then did his own thing with it. That started with the assembly of Matchless cylinders and heads […] Sea

  • Renault 4 CV

    Renault 4 CV. Immaculate condition

    In optimal condition due to a loving treatment; that must be the conclusion when you come face to face with this real Frenchman. Immediately after the Second World War, there was a particular need for small - affordable - cars. What the Beetle was to Germany, the Renault 4 CV was to France, mass motorization had begun. By: […] Sea

  • Opel Senator front

    Opel Senator (1978-1987)

    Opel Senator - Class for the ordinary class Drop the name 'Opel Senator' with die-hard car enthusiasts and a reaction follows like 'oh yes, my guilty pleasure'. It cuts through your soul like a bolt of lightning, even if you have nothing to do with the brand. For years, the limousine from Rüsselsheim seemed forgotten. […] Sea

  • Rolls Royce Chinese Eye

    Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye, rally with a Rolls-Royce

    A very dynamic Rolls-Royce The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was the manufacturer's main model from 1955 to 1966. Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds were not prepared for rally driving. This Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye is. There is a trip master and fire extinguisher in the stylish interior and the engine has been rebuilt with forged pistons plus […] Sea

  • Trabant 601

    Trabant 601: Atmosphere of austerity?

    When you come face to face with a special pimped version of the DDR icon the Trabant 601, you might think back to the time of the sixties. Yet Trabant was by far the biggest brand in the GDR at the time and thus important, a personal piece of machinery for someone who […] Sea

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