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    MG Information and Parts Day on January 5 in Houten

    On January 5, 2020, the Expo in Houten will be all about MG. The MG Car Club Nederland will then organize the MG Information and Parts Day. MG enthusiasts will find a varied range of parts, can share knowledge with each other or start with a nice hobby. Because there will also be MGs in […] More

  • Moto Guzzi DIY

    Moto Guzzi DIY, Jan's Guzzi

    The Koning Zelfbouwdagen at Motoport Hengelo have restored an old tradition: Making your own motorcycle is a party. In the past, that party was a bit easier to celebrate because the RDW was still wandering around in twilight areas and because traditional craftsmanship was not yet as scarce as it has now become. Qua […] More

  • Citroën BX front

    Citroën BX

    Citroëns entry-level middle class with a virgin 24.000 kilometers Citroën BX Nix He seems derogatory, the headline above this article, but so is the base BX in Citroëncircles are invariably indicated. This absolute scraper version was in great demand in the economical Netherlands, tactically offered just under twenty grand. Such a copy has been preserved in a fabulously beautiful condition and that has all […] More

  • Rover 3500 V8 front

    Rover 3500 V8, British chic

    This Rover 3500 V8 (1972) in perfect condition has been polished and always ready to drive, but 'sleeps' most of the time in Henk Dontje's garage. By: Dirk de Jong The stylish lines, the narrow front with lots of chrome, the twin headlights and graceful grille make it a stylish automobile. For almost 18 years […] More

  • Austin A40 Summer set front

    Austin A40 Summer set: Berndts car

    If you've been an Austin aficionado since the age of seven, then you have a landline in your life. And it all started with getting a FX3 Austin Taxi from Dinky Toys and an Austin Devon from Berndt's favorite aunt. Eventually the hobby led to a full size Austin A40 Sommerset. Austin fan from […] More

  • Renault Primaquatre rear

    Renault Primaquatre, you see rust ... we see gold

    Life's unexpected encounters are often the most interesting. We met Gerrit who has a hobby of searching for hidden (car) treasures and found this Renault Primaquatre. A man with a great deal of dexterity and, perhaps more importantly, a lot of patience. By: Dirk de Jong His raids go through the whole country […] More

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    Get parts ... Between the holidays

    It must have been a long time since it seemed like a good idea to go to England just after Christmas to go to Birmingham Triumph to score parts. By - I remember - Mick Woolworth. It was still in the days when you on the motorcycle stay warm and dry only in your […] More

  • Citroën Visa DÃ © capotable

    Citroën Visa DÃ © capotable

    The ordinary Citroën Visa we all know made its debut in 1978. This five-door body had three equipment options. Then came the Visa Super X in the program in the 80s. It had a bigger engine. And other variants also appeared on the scene to permanently stimulate sales. By: Dirk de […] More

  • Volvo PV 544

    Volvo PV 544 Special and a restoration for life

    In 1996 Harry Polling from Donderen completed the intensive restoration of his Volvo PV 544. A few years earlier he had bought the diligent Swede as a kit. That was the starting signal for the second life that the Volvo is leading to this day in Drenthe. And will lead for years to come. Because the revival […] More

  • Aermacchi Harley-Davidson

    Aermacchi Harley-Davidson

    Aermacchi was an Italian aircraft manufacturer. Formerly known as Aeronautica Macchi, the company was founded in 1912 by Giulio Macchi in Varese in northwestern Lombardy as Nieuport-Macchi, to build Nieuport monoplanes under license from the Italian military. A collaboration with Harley-Davidson later resulted in the Aermacchi Harley-Davidson. But more on that later. Right away […] More

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    Matra Djet as a barn find: From an old man

    What is in a name? Shakespeare was already wondering. The Matra Djet was also known as the Matra Bonnet Djet, Matra Sports Djet and Matra Sports Jet. The binding factor was René Bonnet. But whatever name you put on it, the find of André Kout, the man behind Kout Automobiles from the […] More

  • VW Polo Harlequin

    Colorful VW Polo 'Harlekin'

    A very special color scheme of the VW Polo that we all know. Pleasantly small on the outside and surprisingly spacious on the inside. This creative excess was displayed under his nickname "Harlekin" in a parking lot in Leek, Groningen. By: Dirk de Jong Volkswagen indicated at the time that there was not an arbitrary order of […] More

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