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  • Volkswagen Buggy

    Volkswagen Buggy: nice!

    About a hundred years ago I was at a meeting of the ABC, the General Buggy Club on some Utrecht industrial estate. A friend of mine had a Volkswagen Buggy and I knew board member Jan van der Lid because of my work. It rained. A buggy would be set on fire and put out. Or […] Sea

  • Honda City 1987
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    Honda City (1987)

    Honda City, an unworldly city boy Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen A hip, fast rascal, well-developed, social and completely at home in the urban jungle, that is the Honda City. Upon closer acquaintance, however, it turns out to be quite unworldly, because most continents and even large parts of Asia mean nothing to this compact Japanese. […] Sea

  • Salty Grand Prix
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    Zoute Grand Prix celebrates 10's birthday in style

    Text and photos: Dirk Ivens The 10th edition of the Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke-Heist was one big party for car enthusiasts. More than 250.000 visitors enjoyed the most exclusive old-timers and dream cars. Among them also a string of prominent figures such as Jacky Ickx, Thierry Boutsen, Stoffel Vandoorne, Dimitri Vegas and Anouk Matton, Jean Todt, Koen […] Sea

  • Tinkering for beginners

    Tinkering for beginners

    But it is wise to tinker in a clean, well-lit environment. Chaos never shows craftsmanship. At the most genius. You can go a long way with some tools, peace of mind, your good sense and the Internet. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about doing targeted Tinkering for beginners on countless types of cars and […] Sea

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    The Shelter. A Dutch dwarf car

    Shortly after the Second World War, motorized traffic was extremely topical. You were quite a guy on a BSA or Harley, which you could buy for a few hundred guilders on the 'dump'. But a motorcycle was not yet a car. Not even a car. Because with a motor vehicle with a roof on it you really counted […] Sea

  • Volvo P1800

    Volvo P1800. The Saint's car

    Recently, in what was likely a rerun of a rerun, there was an episode of Wheeler Dealers in which a Volvo P1800 was rescued. Saving Volvo P1800s is a good plan! My most traumatic memory of such a smooth Volvo was the time I saw a dealer eagerly rusted by a specimen around the headlight housing […] Sea

  • Electronics

    Electronics and nostalgia

    A friend came by for a brief chat. He had a recent motorcycle magazine with him. And was taken aback. That motorcycle magazine praised the new Yamaha R1. That 1000 cc engine now produced 200 hp and had more electronics on board than the lunar lander ever had. All that electronics […] Sea

  • Yamaha RD350

    Yamaha RD350 LC YPVS

    Yamaha has an impressive two-stroke history. And the provisional (?) End of that was the Yamaha RD350 LC YPVS. LC stood for liquid cooled. So liquid-cooled. We will come back to the YPVS. The Yamaha was a cheetah in wolf's fur. The Yamaha RD350 LC - with a conventional exhaust system - was the basis of the story and was […] Sea

  • MEV Replicar

    MEV Replicar

    The Mazda MX-5 was a bull's eye since its introduction in 1989. In April of 2016, the one-millionth copy rolled off the production line. The idiosyncratic sports car has now reached the status of a classic, consists of tin and that can rust. Because so much has been built, the prices are - also […] Sea

  • addresses

    Addresses. Thanks to Gerrit

    We recently placed a call to report 'addresses'. Addresses where there are still people who do not supply cheap Chinese imitation choke faucets (watch out: they break) or exhaust bend sets (they don't fit). Addresses where they just 'still have stuff' and know what they have. And how important they can be? Recently - very recently - I had a […] Sea

  • Garage Vingerling

    From the old box: Garage Vingerling

    Nowadays a dealer gets to hear from the importer exactly what his business should look like - on a visible location or company site, of course -, what the lighting should be, and what software updates he should purchase. What he has to sell in cars (or motorcycles) during the current year and what garage-related things such as clothes he has to […] Sea

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