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    Hungary, the new France

    When things got better in the Netherlands, retirees bought second homes in Drenthe and Zeeland for very few. This was followed by a massive outflow of 40+ ers to France where new lives were started by converting the French property into / using it as a campsite, inn, gîte or whatever recreational or […] More

  • DAF 2600

    DAF 2600 museum quality

    Everything that gets attention comes back to life and with pictures happy memories can be retrieved. For many former drivers it will be interesting to look back at this workhorse, which first appeared at the RAI in 1962. The question to the owner of this Dutch flagship was: what inspired you to […] More

  • sabotage

    Citroën and tampering

    This year, 75 years after the German surrender, much attention is paid to WWII. And in that time many stories and anecdotes come into the picture. The cunning sabotage of Citroën is a good example of this. Sabotage: the origin The word sabotage was born during the great strikes of 1886 in the […] More

  • Dickholmer

    The VW Beetle from 1957-1964. The Dickholmer

    In the August 2019 edition of Auto Motor Klassiek an extensive arsenal of news items, columns and classics for sale has been included. And of course the publication offers many beautiful reports. One of them focuses on Richard van der Bijl, his Siku collection and especially his VW 1200 Export. Are newly delivered in Sweden […] More

  • Honda CB 750 Hondamatic

    Honda CB 750 Hondamatic: Rare

    Of the more than 8000 copies of this (semi) automatic transmission produced in 1976, 1977 and 1978, no engines have ever officially come to the Netherlands. Later there was some gray import. Not suitable for Europe The European market was not seen as suitable for a 'slow' heavy motorcycle with automatic transmission. But in the […] More

  • UAZ 452

    UAZ 452: The Bread

    Some classics fall into place unexpectedly. The van on the cover of a book was one of them: The UAZ 452. But first there was a meeting. A Chance Meeting There was something about an oil additive cum friction reducer that we should try. Now there are dozens of such products. There are included […] More

  • Peugeot 205 Rallye

    Peugeot 205 Rallye!

    It has been about 35 years since Peugeot introduced the 205. That brave toy became a huge success. Sales went well! Pleasantly surprised, Peugeot noticed that more than 5,3 million of them were trotting over the counter. For the most part, these were of course hand-tame 205's. Did you want some more peppers under the hood, […] More

  • Rostock

    Rostock by night

    You can come to an end with a classic. Rostock, for example, is only two days from the center of our country. I was sitting on a terrace in Rostock. An old, stripped Goldwing shook across the square. The thing made a U-turn. Stopped. The rider kicked off the jiffy and came to me […] More

  • BMW R45

    'Blauwtje': A very special BMW R45

    Maurice Hünen is a Maintenance Supervisor, genetic engineer, motorcyclist and politically active. Maurice is a good friend with whom we have regular contact. His BMW 'Blauwtje' was once such an impractical BMW R45. Maurice recently got an R1150R. And maybe his unique Blauwtje will go away. “Lack of space”. It is something. We asked ourselves […] More

  • Jeepster

    Willys Jeepster: Nice and sunny

    Jeepsters are civilian vehicles. But: In Den Beginne there were the Jeeps, the military handymen of all who were the killing for the heavy military motorcycle sidecar combinations. Many stories are circulating about the naming of those Jeeps. Thus it would be the corruption of 'G.P'. as in 'General Purpose'. The reference to 'Eugene the Jeepster' […] More

  • Xantia

    Citroën Xantia: a cheap hydraulique

    Xantia. Classic. And not for nothing anymore. Those are some keywords. Sometimes a car is a classic while in your mind you can still see it everywhere in showrooms. Our memory does strange things to us. A name from the Greek The Xantia - the name Xantia comes from the Greek Xanthos, which means “light” […] More

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