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  • convertible

    Buy your convertible now!

    Convertible drivers are usually people who enjoy life than people who think that mouse gray is already a color that gives joy enough to life. Driving a convertible adds value to the ride, to enjoying life. Convertibles radiate something extra. That also makes them […] Sea

  • Fiat 128

    Fiat 128. Revolution and eternal love

    In 1969 Fiat showed the fruits of the completed Project X1 / 1. The Fiat 128 was ready and made an overwhelming impression to the press. Not much later, the Italian was also crowned Car of the Year. The technology, the handy space layout (20% technology / 80% for the passengers and their luggage), the impressive driving characteristics […] Sea

  • Horror summer

    The Horror Summer of 2019

    In fact, it is too hot to drive a motorcycle. But hey? If it is hot, then you dress there. Nowadays motorcycle clothing is quite a thing these days, Sincerely Prudent share en masse photos of bikers who fell in summer outfit. Including words of admonition or harsh criticism. The Dutch raised index finger is not sensitive […] Sea

  • Kawasaki 90 G1L

    Kawasaki 90 G1L

    When hearing the name Kawasaki, everyone thinks of speed and dynamics. The 500 cc three-cylinder two-stroke of the brand has become legendary. The brand's six-cylinder 1300s are also one of those historic points in motorcycle history. Yet Kawasaki has also started to produce motorcycles as a solid means of transport. The M10 […] Sea

  • Caterham 7

    Caterham 7. The ideal blow-out car

    He is a hip-high ADHD person and you put him on with a shoehorn. Rara, what is that? That is of course the Caterham 7, the one and only successor to the Lotus 7. Caterham and Lotus Colin Chapman, the legendary founder of Lotus Cars, presented the Lotus Seven in 1957. It got its name from an earlier […] Sea

  • Dwarf cars

    Dwarf cars are hot!

    Dwarf cars are very small. They also date from the time when the average European was about 10 cm shorter than he is today. Not to mention his weight and waist size. We recently reported about it. Dwarf cars are hot, especially with this weather. But still: Despite all […] Sea

  • rotary engine

    Lada with wankel engine

    The car press always said that there were only three car manufacturers that were involved with the Wankel engine. NSU, ​​Mazda and Citroën. After reading this article, that is a thing of the past. Between 1974 and 2004, Lada designed, built and tested thirty different Wankel engines in racing and rally cars, but also boats, airplanes, […] Sea

  • Japanese classics

    Japanese classics: Real classics

    Japanese classics? Those are fully accepted classics. But actually quite a recent phenomenon. European and American motorcycles? They were already there before 1900. And in 1900 Japan was only kind of freeing itself from what for us was a kind of Middle Ages 2.0. Ladies and gentlemen historians, I know that I […] Sea

  • Austin 1800 Balanza

    Austin 1800 Balanza: a strange bird

    Mainstream classics, the classics we all know or at least have heard about. That's what the trade is all about. There are lively clubs for that. But what do you run into if you are cross? Or if you just fall for a classic because it appeals to you? And what if that was an Austin […] Sea

  • Triumph TR3

    Triumph TR3 Microplas Mistral

    Auction house Historics at Brooklands already had a few years ago Triumph TR3 with a Microplas body - type Mistral - on offer. Microplas Ltd. settled in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK in the early 750s. The venture was born in the minds of a group of XNUMX Motor Club enthusiasts who […] Sea

  • in

    The American Way

    In January 1937, Margareth Bourke-White was commissioned by Life Magazine to report on the disastrous Ohio River flood in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Without immediately realizing it, she took a picture that became an icon in the Great Depression, the (economic) crisis of the XNUMXs. […] Sea

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