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  • tax

    Tax for the old diesel. What about now?

    Some time ago we informed you about the plans of the tax authorities to tax the “polluting” old diesel with an extra surcharge of 15%. A private diesel is considered polluting if it emits more than 5 mg of particulate matter (without ex-factory particulate filter) per kilometer. For commercial vans, this designation applies if this […] More

  • BMW

    BMW mono suspension boxers

    Currently, a lot of BMW two-valve boxers are being converted into unique machines for young men with beards. The rinse on good, original copies becomes thinner. And that also applies to the latest BMW two-valve boxers: the machines with mono-suspension. And there is a lot to be said about those models. Reborn Boxers The Boxers were the return […] More

  • Datsun

    Datsun, not Austin

    Wherever you read, whatever you read about the very first Datsun, every time you are made clear that it was a Japan-built Austin Seven for the Japanese market. Unfortunately, that's bullshit. The DAT Corporation in Yokohama had been producing cars since 1914, but it was realized in the XNUMXs that profits […] More

  • Mainstream

    Classics: Mainstream or unique?

    Mainstream or unique, that's the question. Most of our classics? There are usually so many of them that there are clubs for it. And that 'mainstream' certainly does not have to be bourgeois or anything like that is clear. Because a Porsche 914, an E-type or a Mustang? Those were not appearances, ten of which you […] More

  • Saint Tropez

    Saint Tropez in 1961

    The French seaside resort of Saint Tropez is described by many as 'mundane'. In the 'Banana box' we found a photo of the harbor, taken in 1961. At least, that's on the back. A beautiful picture that probably concerned the Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina convertible…? We have, as good and as bad as that went, […] More

  • King's day

    King's Day, bargain day

    King's Day, bargain day Whatever you think about the royal family: King's Day, formerly Queen's Day, is a funny phenomenon with all the free markets. That King's Day has become so busy in a few large cities that people in the crowd panic and call 112? Well, you always have something like that. And how stupid can you be […] More

  • motorfiets

    Kids and classics: the motorcycle

    On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the spring, it is nice to fiddle around your motorcycle. I do drive outside of the weekend crowds. I am my own boss and I decide on which day my Sunday falls. Sometimes I have two Sundays a week. A neighbor across the street comes with her son […] More

  • Datsun Z
    in ,

    The Datsun Z

    An affordable, reliable sports car with appearance and comfort, which is easy to use every day; that was the starting point with which Datsun / Nissan wanted to tap into a new market in the XNUMXs. Nissan had already kicked off the Fairlady, a sports car with water-cooled six-cylinder engines debuted under the name Datsun: the Datsun Z. On the Tokyo […] More

  • Electronics

    Electronics and classic motorcycles over 25 years

    In the past, motorcycling was something for people without money for a car. Now it is a high tech lifestyle thingy. In the past, the technique was mechanical and the capabilities were still according to human understanding. We are classic enthusiasts. And we started talking about the motorcycles of today, about the classics of the future. And we kept […] More

  • BMW 2800 CS

    BMW 2800 CS. From four to six cylinders

    In the summer of 1968, the four-cylinder BMW coupé models were succeeded by the six-cylinder models. The new coupé line became the sporty version of the new large sedan models, the 2500 and 2800. The first CS (Coupe Sport) was the BMW 2800 CS with a 170 hp six-cylinder engine. The CS was a lot - […] More

  • Citroen 2 CV

    Citroen 2 CV - Outlier ...

    Lack of external charm? Wonderful to look back on the reactions in the trade press about the Citroen 2 CV (2PK Citroën) around the fifties: "All French are in complete agreement, you better have a dead simple 2 CV and sit dry, and not have to consume large amounts of gasoline." “The trump card […] More

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