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    Volkswagen Beetle

    Despite its unfortunate origins (after all, the 'Volkswagen' was an idea of ​​Hitler, an admirer of the equally anti-Semitic Henry Ford, to make the people mobile) the Volkswagen Beetle already had a mythically poetic cult value in the XNUMXs. Volkswagen Beetles, as a symbol of the revolution, were ridden by flower children for 'downsizing'. […] Sea

  • Aston Martin DB5

    Aston Martin DB5

    Engraved in history via the white screen, the 1965 Aston Martin DB5. The Aston Martin DB5: Its unique design made for instant world fame With none other than Sean Connery behind the wheel of the recently introduced Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger. Despite the fact that there are only 1.023 copies of this fantastic 280 hp […] Sea

  • Antwerp Classic Salon

    Next weekend: 42-th Antwerp Classic Salon with beautiful themes

    The 1nd edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon will open on Friday 2019 March 14 at 42 pm. The 20.000 m² of Antwerp Expo will be refilled with hundreds of top classics, literature, scale models, automobilia, parts, clothing. In short: everything related to the classic car. This 42nd edition has no fewer than four main themes, and they can be called beautiful. […] Sea

  • Citroën HY

    De Citroën HY continues to inspire

    The local fries farmer used to do the rounds with his HY. That was a holiday. Much later I heard that the frying artist was making a good profit by selling gin - there was not much more exotic liquor then. - from under the serving tray. Cheers! Real entrepreneurs see their opportunities. The HY: Conceived during the war, […] Sea

  • Peugeot 405

    Peugeot 405, also classic

    The 504 has now reached its classic status. But for its mirror-image relative, the 405 is still under the radar. Drawn by Pinifarina The first sketches for the car that had to fill the gap between 309 and 505 were already in the fall of 1982 by Pininfarina on paper - yes they did then! […] Sea

  • SL

    So the Mercedes SL class

    The Mercedes-Benz SL class was introduced in 1952. And where the SL designation first stood for the most sporty Mercedes (or according to experts 'Mercedi'), the designation evolved to Fast and Luxury. In Den Beginne The SL class as it started in April 1971 consisted of the 350 SL and the 350 SLC. They were […] Sea

  • Classic yacht

    Classic yacht in Wallonia

    Why would you go to Imola or Bjoellie to go on a classic yacht? After all, Belgium is closer? So that seems like a great plan. Despite the fact that it is quite late. The appointment is made with a final 'cheers!' We are stranded in Couvin on the western foothills of the Ardennes. During a wet round of inquiries in a […] Sea

  • VW T2a Camper

    Germans build VW T2a Camper with 400.000 LEGO bricks

    You can make anything from LEGO®. And that's right. Millions of children built their own creations or made the product according to the supplied specifications. Today, numerous product lines are available, which are contained in various themes. For example, the range of cars in the LEGO® Creator and Technic lines is growing, more and more products are becoming available. They make […] Sea

  • BMW

    BMW and EMW. Look for the differences

    The BMW R 35 was an odd one out when it came up for sale in 1937. The year before, BMW had introduced the new tubular frames for the R 5 and R 6, even for the 'cheap' R 20. Those machines were also equipped with hydraulically damped telescopic front forks. But the R 35 […] Sea

  • SAAB Silver Arrow

    The SAAB Silver Arrow

    First, Saab made unique cars for buyers who drove Saab out of pure conviction. Then came 'Het Management' and 'De Marketeers' as part of the Zeven Plagen. From that moment on, driving became interchangeable until now, where 90% of cars look like interchangeable, convex suppositories. The Saab […] Sea

  • Pontiac grand prix

    Wanted: A converted Pontiac Grand Prix

    We received a message from Nico van Dusschoten: My father built this car himself in the 80s. But he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My father talks more and more about this car and that he would like to see it again. I would like that as a son for […] Sea

  • E-type


    The most masculine driving machine, the thoroughbred top athlete who combined elegance and undiluted toughness, the Jaguar XKE or the 'E-type' is not only the car that saved the British automotive industry from destruction during the 'sixties'. He also set the standard when it comes to the long stretched lines of sports cars with the engine in […] Sea

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