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  • InterClassics

    Free to InterClassics?

    For several years in a row we have been able to raffle 5 sets of two entrance tickets among the classic fans for InterClassics. This is no different for the 2019 edition. And you really don't have to do much for it. It costs nothing and the odds are much greater than winning the State Lottery. Free entrance tickets […] Sea

  • foodtrucks

    Food trucks: a scourge or a blessing?

    We think it must be the worst earnings model by now: Operating food trucks. Of course the idea is funny: You buy an old-fashioned, classic van and turn it into a mobile kitchen / food distribution unit. But if you come to a meeting, meeting or trade fair where ten of those things are arranged in a semicircle? […] Sea

  • Good intentions

    Good intentions ... And regret afterwards

    Whether Hans had an urge to assert himself? Absolutely. When he was young, dyslexics were still simply called 'dumb kids'. So he in the back seat of the class. Hansje learned everything the hard way. He also had to enlist and learned to ride a motorcycle there. On about 500 cc Moto Guzzi 'Nato'. Later on he would often […] Sea

  • C6

    The C6 is becoming a healed classic

    Citroën has made legendary cars. Citroën has also tried several times to hook up with the automotive premier league. Tried to make it difficult for Mercedes and BMW. The latest attempt was with the presentation of the C6. The C6, almost like the show model. The C6 has its origins in the 1999 study model “C6 Lignage”. […] Sea

  • classic engine

    Buy a classic motorcycle

    Other work had to be left open. But friend G. wants to buy another motorcycle. He wants to go back to something more classic. Because his work situation has changed and he no longer needs a modern four-season BMW. He is looking for a late two-valve boxer with cockpit. The rational approach Leave for the rest […] Sea

  • Love of classics

    Love for classics 2.0

    The car - or motorcycle - of someone close to you in your earliest childhood is often the beginning of what could one day become a passion. The inaccessible car - or motorcycle - of your younger years. That can become an obsession. A Bentley and Emma Peel The love for classics can […] Sea

  • Car

    How old can a car actually get?

    Old is relative. This morning I heard children's voices singing while walking the dog. They were the children of the neighbors opposite. They sang "Long will he live". For their rabbit. For Flappie. Because of the song Youp van het Hek once sang, that rabbit is called Flappie. And also because of that song his birthday is every […] Sea

  • Holidays

    A kind of holiday story

    A long time ago, in the run-up to the holidays, there were also wet, windy days. In time I had a French employer (the RVS branch Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann). And if you work for French? Then you must speak good French. The office of my then employer was in Amsterdam. And Amsterdam was also home to Het […] Sea

  • R4

    An R4 is a real automobile

    Modern cars are very, very good, but there is a lot that can go wrong. AMK reader André François (Renault Juva) came up with what actually is the essence of a car: It is a self-propelled roof on wheels. From a Twingo to an R4 Then the Twingo For Local Use against a […] Sea

  • Beaulieu

    Some Facts about Bjoelie (Beaulieu)

    'Beaulieu' would be called 'convenient' to us. And left or right: it is the classic fair that you as an enthusiast should really have been to. The approach is: 'If it exists, it is on Beaulieu. We report some 'tidbits' as basic knowledge for the upcoming trade fair in September. And let's face it: […] Sea

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