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  • recreations
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    What do we think about 'recreations'?

    Kitcars are fun. Replicas are sometimes terrible. Reproductions are impressive. But recreations? These are hand-built (almost) 100% recreations of classic cars from what is usually the top segment. They offer the charm and character of the originals combined with the reliability of 'a new' or a 'real'. The Porsche Speedsters and Spyders Ford GT40s […] Sea

  • BCA

    BCA Wannahaves. Auction of special cars and motorbikes on November 8

    During the BCA Wannahaves auction on Thursday, November 8, dozens of cars and motorcycles will be auctioned. The varied auction offer has something to offer everyone, from tax-attractive cars for entrepreneurs to hobby cars for enthusiasts. Business and private bidders can look forward to an exciting and fun auction day, held at BCA in Barneveld. BCA […] Sea

  • Maico Taifun

    The Maico Taifun (1953-1958): A top piece at the last minute

    Striking and then extraordinary. That was Maico's luxury model, the Taifun, with its excellent chassis, a two-cylinder two-stroke block (in 400 and 500 cc version) and generously equipped with sheet metal. The Maico Taifun When the Maico constructors started in 1951 with the development of a new model line, of which the Maico Taifun was the masterpiece, the […] Sea

  • Aston Martin DB7

    The Aston Martin DB7: the unintended Aston budget

    We talked about 're-creation, replicas and kitcars a few times recently. Because when is what now what, and how 'Real' is it or not? And what do you do with a Jaguar that does not make it, but which became the most successful Aston Martin of all time? It was a present, but it grabbed […] Sea

  • Devin SP1000
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    A DKW - Auto Union - SP1000 according to Devin

    But who or what was Devin? Devin Enterprises was an American car manufacturer that was / existed from 1955 to 1964. The Brand was best known for producing high-quality fiberglass bodies that were sold as kits, but they also produced auto accessories and complete cars. The company was founded by Bill Devin. From bankruptcy bought […] Sea

  • BMW

    The first window scrapers have been seen again, a BMW and an XT

    When the first window scrapers were spotted last year…. Then I decided to buy a car. Of course the daily classic likes brine, but his owner has seen something with the cold after all those winters on two wheels. Comrade Vernon de Groot has a car company. For 1500 euros I scored an enormous […] Sea

  • Classics

    Classics along the A2

    Fred lives in a village somewhere along the A2. He's there "That man with those old motorcycles, those classics." On a Saturday morning there was a phone call. An old lady and a slightly less old lady stood at the door. Fred knows them. Mother and daughter. They live in the countryside. The mother once had a […] Sea

  • Benz

    Benz, Daimler and the development of mobility in the 19 century

    In the eighties of the 19th century, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler already pioneered independently of each other. Carl Benz founded the company Benz & Cie at the time with the support of lenders. in Mannheim he starts production of the two-stroke engine he designed. This engine also offers as a stationary power source […] Sea

  • Triumph Trident
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    The new' Triumph Trident

    Meanwhile, the Hinckley Triumph Trident also classic again After the first. successful, test drive turned out to be the British Racing Green Triumph Trident no longer to start. Experience has shown that problems after key work usually come from…. That key work. So by its own fold… That was studied too much. But even after a […] Sea

  • Chevrolet Caprice

    The 1979-1980 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

    1976 was the last year of the full sized Americans at GM. And that downward growth has so far hit its dramatic low point in the relabel of the South Korean Daewoo to Chevrolet in 2005. That put an end to the advertising slogan 'you need a Daewoo' and GM decided to make Chevrolet a […] Sea

  • Opel Kadett

    Opel Kadett B Type 91, luxury body variant of a bestseller

    The 23rd edition of the Oldtimer & Classic Fair in Leek was a real pleasure. The organization succeeded in putting together an accessible mix of everyday classics and rare heritage. Obviously our eye fell on many beautiful things. One of the cars presented that caught our attention was the Opel […] Sea

  • Daf YA

    The DAF YA-66: A kind of Méhari or Trabant Kübel?

    Well no. Méhari, made world famous by winemaker / PR man Ilja Gort in the Netherlands, was a utility / plaything based on a 2CV platform. The Trabant was a gaily smoky stroller from the GDR. And the DAF YA-66? That was a serious military vehicle. A DAF with Variomatic in combat outfit. But whether we exclude the Russians […] Sea

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