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  • Mondeo
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    Ford reflections in a nice Mondeo

    The relaxed trance sounds of Ferry Corstens' Eternity sound great thanks to a sublime sound system. They merge with the peaceful Thursday morning. The Zeeland A58 is now a beacon of tranquility. In advance I am delighted with what awaits me in Guy Moerenhout's Abarth Works Museum. That anticipation turns out to be completely justified later that day […] More

  • BFG 1300

    The BFG 1300. "Le moteur Shaddock"

    Once upon a time there was a cartoon series on TV: The Shaddocks and the Gibis. The films were always quite surreal and the Shaddocks were strange creatures who were often useless with technology or technically just fiddled with. But we do the BFG 1300 short by writing it off as a Shaddock motorcycle. The thinkers behind […] More

  • Ferrari

    What is in a name? McQueen vs Ferrari

    To increase the revelry about Ferrari's 70th birthday, the Italians had come up with something fun: There would be a tribute to celebrities who drove Ferrari at the festivities. Nice is not it? The once world famous movie star Steve McQueen has also owned a Ferrari. And Ferrari wanted to celebrate that with a special 'custom made' California […] More

  • Honda Super Cub

    The immortal Honda Super Cub

    Takeo Fujisawa was Honda's financial genius and he was the driving force behind the Honda Super Cub. In a (Western) world after WWII where ordinary citizens thought carefully about the purchase of their first car, he saw a different future. A man with a plan And Soichiro Honda it was enormous with him […] More

  • Yamaha 550 XZ
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    The Yamaha 550 XZ: the Pantah beater from Japan

    The Yamaha 550 XZ: the Pantah beater from Japan One of the first motorcycles that the designers must have thought “Now let's assume that a motorcycle engine doesn't have to look the way engines usually do”. The liquid-cooled V2 therefore also had no trivialities such as cooling fins. But hey: […] More

  • Ferrari gto
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    A Ferrari GTO for 48.000.000

    Classic prices: the madness at its best A classic has recently been sold. A nice Ferrari. A Ferrari 250 GTO. And what did that thing yield? $ 48.400.000. Over forty-eight million dollars. And whether such a FIAT with blunt (with apologies, it is just to put the matter firmly) is worth it? Apparently. The buyer […] More

  • Auto Motor Classic Day

    This coming Sunday: Auto Motor Classic Day

    Photos: Bruno Costers For the second time we are organizing the Auto Motor Classic Day in collaboration with Classic Park Festival, a party where you as a lover of classic or young timer are more than welcome. Last year there was a lack of a good weather forecast, the weather turned out to be quite nice, but many visitors already had other […] More

  • Porsche 993

    Porsche Classic builds classic Porsche 993 with new parts

    Twenty years after the 911 of the Porsche 993 generation went out of production, Porsche Classic has built a completely new air-cooled 911 Turbo. It comes in Golden Yellow Metallic body color, features black alloy wheels with Golden Yellow accents and a black interior with Golden Yellow design details. The 450 hp 911 Turbo is equipped […] More

  • Honda CB1100RC

    The Honda CB1100RC (1982), a Real Race Replica

    The law of braking lead Honda had changed motorcycling in 1969 with the introduction of the first - 'superbike', the Honda CB750. But soon the effect of 'the braking lead' appeared. From the mid-1000s, four-cylinder inline engines had double overhead camshafts. Point. The Kawasaki Z1000, the Suzuki GSXNUMX, the Yamaha […] More

  • Zündapp KS 750

    Found in France: A Zündapp KS 750

    Speaking French and a Zündapp KS 750 This holiday proved it once again: If you speak French, a holiday in France is extra fun. We met a strong old man with a unique collection. Last year there were still six visitors to his 'museum', which cannot be found on the entire Internet. The man has […] More

  • Holidays

    Holiday memories: The Maas valley

    Once a year we have an outing as a short holiday. We then go to Zeeland or to the western edge of the Ardennes. The penultimate time it was the Ardennes. Via the Meuse valley and on no less than three Harleys: a UL 1200 from 1930 or so (“I know it's rare and I […] More

  • Muntz Jet

    Muntz Jet

    We do not have to ask you which brand it concerns of the car shown here. A slightly attentive viewer sees the name on the left behind the lady: Muntz. It is a Muntz Jet that was featured at the Chicago Auto Show in 1951. A little car connoisseur will of course also recognize the […] More

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