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  • Peugeot 404
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    The Peugeot 404 Coupé Injection from Wim Noorman. An ode.

    There she is. The historic Pininfarina lines stand out in all their glory against the radiant sky. Sharpness and beautiful curves are meticulously forged into a form of coherence that surpasses every beauty ideal. There she is, the regular player of my car top 10, who competes for a place of honor on my personal podium. The Peugeot […] Sea

  • Honda CB125

    A Honda CB125 is a very nice Hondaatje

    But what is most striking: the quality of a Honda CB125 from the early seventies of the last century is so much better than that of the Honda CBF125 of about five years old that my son rides on. But that thing that shamelessly runs 1 in 50 comes out […] Sea

  • Norton Electra

    Norton Electra. "Can it be a little less?"

    Norton had always built heavy motorcycles. 500 cc machines, 600 cc machines. But in 1958 Norton released a 250 cc. That was actually a new engine in a hodgepodge of existing parts, but still. In 1960 the 250 cc Jubilee got a bigger brother: the 350 cc Navigator. Then Norton took the step […] Sea

  • Goggomobil Dart
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    The Goggomobil Dart. Rare Australian with German microgenes

    Suddenly a very special microcar flashed on the horizon. Or rather: it showed off in front of the facade of the Benthem garage in Noordwolde, Friesland. A fiberglass tub without doors, painted in a beautiful blue color, and equipped with rally shields that testify to a participation in the rally Liège-Brescia-Liège. The wheel covers with Glass logo enlarge our […] Sea

  • Harley

    The heat hits my brain: in the past ... Harley

    It was once so hot about thirty years ago. It looked like Africa. Just like now. At the time I had a little more money than now and shovelhead blocks weren't worth much. Did I mention it was so hot? But otherwise it were really different times. Your own Harley […] Sea

  • Renault Fuego

    The Renault Fuego (and R20 and R30) are under valued

    Renault worked out well with the Fuego line. There were Renault Fuegos in the flavors TL (1397 cc), GTL (1647 cc), GTS (ditto) and GTX (1995 cc). The four-seater. Two-door coupe was presented at the Salon de Genève in 1980. Together with the R18 The Renault Fuego's work began in 1976 in the […] Sea

  • Kawasaki

    The (Kawasaki) retro bikes. The new classics?

    The fascination of the retro style motorcycles began with the Honda GB500 and the Kawasaki Zephyr, both first produced in Japan as 400cc models. These models evoked nostalgia for the looks of the motorcycles from the time when motorcycles looked like… Motorcycles. Back in time: The Kawasaki W650 Kawasaki wrote: “How […] Sea

  • Motorcycle clothing

    Classic motorcycling in the summer: motorcycle clothing

    Okay, let it be on a beautiful summer evening. Because with these temperatures, motorcycling is not a party. But it is always better than looking at the rain from behind the window. But our clothing is seen as quite important. Recently there was a message about riding in summer clothes on social media. The commenters climbed […] Sea

  • Morgan Plus 8

    The Morgan Plus 8: The pain points

    The Morgan Plus 8 is the purest anabolic British sports car. It is one hundred percent classic and authentic. And where its four-cylinder predecessors were born to dance on British back roads, you can trot tightly on the Autobahn to Switzerland with a Plus 8. We know for sure. We got there […] Sea

  • Motorcyclist

    An experienced motorcyclist, a wheely, ABS or no ABS

    So a wheely. I accidentally made it. On an experienced Bandit 1200. Of course on youtube I had already seen people of all currently known genders riding for miles on the rear wheel while resting their feet on the rear light. But in fact I didn't see the point in that. After all, I saw them too […] Sea

  • convertible

    Convertible driving this summer

    Summer 2018 seems like the ideal convertible summer in the eyes of those who don't own such a topless vehicle. But convertible owners know better. Open driving is hell again with this. Because in this type of summers overheating, sunburn or heat stroke and very stiff net and shoulder muscles are lurking. The real […] Sea

  • Pricing

    Size does matter. About classics and their prices

    As the new owner of a real C72 / C77 project, I have discovered an additional reason why those first really heavy Hondas are so undesirable in collectors' circles. That falls entirely under the heading 'size does matter'. Such a friendly baroque sheet steel rocking horse is unbelievably small. The makers probably once had the height of a Japanese from […] Sea

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