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  • Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar XJ Series 1

    The Jaguar XJ. The legacy of the new British exclusive sports sedan was not tender. A whole range of models were sooner or later retired by the novice. Under the auspices of Sir William Lyons, a car was created that was enchanting in many ways. And sometimes the owners and waiting buyers […] Sea

  • in

    The Harley Davidson WL. Still enchanting

    In the corridors the story went that Indian built the better motorcycles, but that Harley-Davidson had the most nimble salesmen. Harley-Davidson's WLA and WLC models, the 'Liberators' have become 'the' Harleys in our collective memory. The machines came in shiploads to Europe, held hostage by the Germans. About 80.000 pieces have been made. […] Sea

  • Honda

    Summer toys: The puppies of Honda.

    At the bakery, a camping guest - we live in a fairly touristic area - arrived on a two-wheeler of the kind that you find with the more stylish camper owners. A classic Honda vest pocket. He was wearing sandals, shorts and a V-collar T-shirt. The man ordered a baguette, paid, walked out […] Sea

  • Tie wraps

    Tiewraps, tywraps and draw straps

    Once upon a time they were expensive things: Tiewraps. But after the patents expired, all of China started making them for next to nothing. Tiewraps (or tywraps), like Duct tape, are just as irreplaceable for brave wrenches as a wrench and a metric hammer. Tie wraps, The spelling alone A tie-wrap, 'tiewraps' (according to Onze Taal the official Dutch […] Sea

  • Mercedes Silber Pfeile

    Mercedes Silber Pfeile in The Hague

    And then we talk about the Mercedes Silver Arrows, the Mercedes Silber Pfeile race cars from the fifties, from the heyday of Mercedes motorsport. But of course we don't forget that Mercedes-Benz is also doing well in the current F1 world. From July to September During the summer months (July 7 to 2 […] Sea

  • Moto Morini

    The Moto Morini 350: the other V twin from Italy

    In the meantime, the Moto Morini 350 cc twin was the first design that Franco Lambertini drew for Moto Morini. And no matter how beautiful the engine was, Lambertini had meant nothing more or less than a high-quality, economical and reliable engine for daily use. Just as well, such a Moto Morini cost almost as much […] Sea

  • InterClassics Maastricht

    History of Lancia main act at InterClassics Maastricht 2019

    The Italian brand Lancia will be central during the 26th edition of InterClassics Maastricht. The highlights of the brand's rich history of more than 100 years will be presented in collaboration with the Lancia Club Netherlands and Belgium and various museums. Enthusiasts can indulge themselves during InterClassics Maastricht 2019. That will be from 10 […] Sea

  • Vincent

    Fritz Egli taught Vincent to run

    The 1000 Vincent was the first Superbike to arrive until the early 70s, followed by the Honda CB750. He took over the banner. However? Not entirely: for Vincent purists, it is simply timeless and remains the ultimate road bike, which is why it is not fair to compare it with any other motorcycle. […] Sea

  •  at export

    Classics are cheap here: the export

    Once in a while. But more and more often I am called to interpret between French-speaking classic lovers and Dutch sellers who do not speak French. And those French? They come here for Renaults, Citroëns, Peugeots and Simcas. They want it back. After they first exported them all. Many of those sold classics are here in the Netherlands […] Sea

  • Ural

    Ural: "I have problems with your ex" and a party

    Last Saturday, Richard Busweiler from Genemuiden held a party for his customers. Of course it remains all hobbie in the margins, but starting from a rejected sea container with a trade in old Russian motorcycles about fifteen years later - still as 'activity on the side', because Richard has a good job - a […] Sea

  • Mercedes

    Hey. Mercedes.

    A famous term marks the next step from Mercedes-Benz. The interactive future of Das Haus is within reach. All communication possibilities find a place under an umbrella with the imprint MBUX. One of the features that the ultramodern system offers is “Hey Mercedes” voice control. The car talks to you. And you with the car. […] Sea

  • Slant Six

    The (Chrysler) Slant Six. Short but sweet

    An extremely strong all-rounder with few pretensions. That was the Slant Six, a cast iron or aluminum inline engine with a twist: The block was tilted 30 degrees. This gave the body designers more space for lower hoods. Oh yes: the distributor cap became less accessible because of it. The Slant Six Albert Venema from Venema Classics appte: “I […] Sea

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