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  • Colin Neale

    Colin Neale

    Briton Colin Neale was once head of the design department of the Ford Motor Company and passed away in 2016 at the age of 89. Neale never had much glamor in his lifetime. Despite the fact that he has designed many more car models than, for example, Bertone, Zagato, Pinifarina to name a few and that […] Sea

  • Ducati Monster

    The Ducati Monster, that will be a classic

    To govern is to look ahead and all that. And that is why this story is about the motorcycle with which Ducati reinvented motorcycling: The Ducati Monster series. And that those machines are called 'il mostro' in Italy? That sounds a lot scarier than that standard English 'monster'. A Monster is a healed classic The fact that the Ducati Monster 's […] Sea

  • Asquith

    The Asquith Company: Timeless classic or fake?

    Just to stand out from the crowd. And of course English. Asquith is a manufacturer of hand-made veteran utility vehicles based on now outdated technology, founded in 1981. The founders were two entrepreneurs, Crispin Reed and Bruce West, who had managed a successful manufacturing company in Chesterfield chairs and sofas. Those two formed in July […] Sea

  • Honda CB350

    From consolation prize to main prize: The Honda CB350 F

    The small Honda CB Four would initially come out as a Honda CB250 and Honda CB350 cc version. In the end, only the Honda CB350 Four saw the light of day. The Honda CB350s were the smallest Honda four-cylinder model in the 'OHC' range. They were made from 1972-1974 and they were wonderful little machines. RECOVERY machines. But […] Sea

  • Alfa 6

    The Alfa 6, depreciation for advanced users

    The Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 was a large, luxurious sedan that Alfa Romeo built between 1979 and 1986. The most important novelty was the new V6 engine, the first 6-cylinder of this brand in years, which also explains the name of the Alfa 6. A dreamed Mercedes beater A year or so after the introduction […] Sea

  • Cafe racers

    2.0 cafe racers

    Café racers have always been strange bastards for lovers of originality. But in the meantime, the 'real' café racers such as Tribsa's, Norvins, Seeleys and Egli's are dearly paid collectors items. What about café racers' popularity over the last few years? This has resulted in a lot of 'new' motorcycles that are completely pure in the spirit of café racer construction. Moreover […] Sea

  • CB450

    Wouters CB450. Bastard or Beauty

    The Honda CB450 K1, the successor to the famous Black Bomber, has lived a shadow life for a while. That lasted until the CB450s with four gearboxes had all found a home. Then the prices of the Black Bombers went up so quickly that a lot of people thought 'Then give me a K1. Nice puh! ”. Then started […] Sea

  • Dacia

    Dacia, a brand with ups, downs and now ups

    Dacia is a Romanian car brand. Once UAP (Uzina de Autoturisme Pitești, Autofabriek Piteşti) was a state-owned company, nowadays the factory has been part of the French Renault group for a long time. And the new Dacias? Those are great cars! The name refers to old Dacia, roughly present day Romania. The factory was established in 1952. After modernization, in […] Sea

  • Yamaha FJ

    The Yamaha FJ 1100 and FJ 1200: true classics

    In 1984 Yamaha presented the FJ 1100 as a fast touring bike and excellent all-rounder. After just two years, the Yamaha FJ 1100 was succeeded by the Yamaha FJ 1200. Since 1991, this newcomer was the first Japanese motorcycle to be equipped with ABS. The muscles In terms of performance, the 1100s were not even inferior to the […] Sea

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