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  • Yamaha XS 400

    The Yamaha XS 400 (Seca) DOHC

    There are a lot of recent classics that have gone completely out of sight and out of our collective memory. Not because they wouldn't be good, but because they just got snowed under by time. The Yamaha XS400 DOHC 'Seca' is one of them. They are not for sale en masse. But the offer may contain gems. […] Sea

  • Panacea

    Miracle drugs so ... What do they do? or what do they not do?

    Following a long and late conversation, we would like to point out once again: The miracle remedies that are recommended to make your classic run more economically, nicer, better and faster, which…. do not work. Miracle cures do not exist. Dreams are deception As man used to think that they could derive unprecedented powers from ground owl eyes, so expects […] Sea

  • classics

    Sleeping classics in the Netherlands

    We've talked about it before: You don't have to go to France or South America to find dormant classics. Just go out for a day in the rural parts of our country. Then have a cup of coffee and a bouncer in a local catering establishment or buy a few duplicate lamps at the village garage. […] Sea

  • Utrecht

    Still to Utrecht

    I don't like modern motorcycles much. If you design something that looks like it came out of a Japanese SF cartoon, you've lost me. If you make a 100-plus horsepower engine and then plump it full of electronics that determine for the rider what the motorcycle is where, for how long and when […] Sea

  • Kawasaki GTR1000

    Cheap classics: Kawasaki GTR1000

    Classics would have become priceless. Only being bought by wealthy investors, investors and opportunists. NOT! The range and prices have never been better. Only then we are not talking about AC Cobras, Lamborghinis, MV Agustas and Münch Mammuts. Because anyone who does not howl with the wolves realizes in peace that that […] Sea

  • Dnepr
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    650 pk from a Dnepr. Keep on dreamin '

    It is just out of the free news gathering. And proof that an asking price can never be high enough. Or, to quote a car dealer: “Asking for little money is cowardly”. The price increases of classics Which are on birthdays and in the pub - NOTE; no alcohol, no greasy snacks, no smoking - heavy […] Sea

  • Classics

    Classics? The workplace is full of it!

    An acquaintance who is crazy about cars, but has little to do with classics had a tip. He had run his car for a few sessions on the power bank at 'Beek Auto Racing' in The Hague. When it comes to car racing and The Hague you naturally think of Circuit Zandvoort. But we saw that completely wrong. Also for […] Sea

  • ethanol

    Ethanol killers ...

    The demand for ethanol killers is on the rise as European governments decide that Euro95 will disappear at the pump. Petrol stations only offer (green) E10 at the pump, that is fuel with 10% ethanol. CLASSIC CARS AND ETHANOL Classic car owners are stirring, because this is not good news for them. Ethanol breaks down quickly, causing […] Sea

  • in

    Encapsulated disc brakes

    Encapsulated disc brakes. That was a thing. And that the Spanish, later taken over by Yamaha, brand Sanglas had the scoop in 1976, that everyone has forgotten. It was Honda that brought the system back into focus. You saw them a lot. On the demolition The inboard ventilated disc brakes were proudly presented on […] Sea

  • Volvo Amazon combi
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    Electric Volvo Amazon combi - the first conversion steps

    In the article “Electric Volvo Amazon combi” I described the exploration and feasibility of converting my Volvo Amazon combi to fully electric. The first conversion steps are discussed in this article in the series. De-ICE-ing and weighing After weighing the car as a whole, stripping could begin. First of all, I have the […] Sea

  • DIY garages

    DIY garages (may report)

    DIY, do it yourself, and garages. Put them together and you get: DIY garages. We have already reported that we are Spankeren Rucocar Edyweg 8, 6956 BB Spankeren. 06 28 27 27 43 www.rubocar.nl and asked for more DIY garages. There were a few responses. Oh yes: the Manta at DIY garage Rubocar First that […] Sea

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