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  • Mini Clubman Estate

    Mini Clubman Estate - Just picking up?

    Looking at the pictures will also convince you that you will not make it with just 'tapping' at this Mini Clubman Estate. For decades, the cart, dating from 1973, stood in a small garden some 15 kilometers from Newmarket in the County of Suffolk. Enjoying his 'Old Day', surrounded by […] Sea

  • Austin Ambassador

    The very last Austin Ambassador

    The news that the very last Austin Ambassador rolled off the band in 1985 must have been received with joy for many - especially former owners - something to celebrate. That very last Ambassador - with the British registration number A500 KWK - was commissioned by the management of British Leyland, the manufacturer of this fine goods, […] Sea

  • 2017

    2017. My year with Auto Motor Klassiek

    The calendar and classic year 2017 is almost over. It was an entertaining year for me. I attended various events and trade shows. Made a number of reports again. And I met the unique Zapp family, who have been traveling the world with a 17 Graham Paige for 1928 years. I also became acquainted with various other […] Sea

  • Hungary

    Hungary, the new France

    Hungary, the new France. When things got better in the Netherlands, retirees bought second homes in Drenthe and Zeeland for very few. This was followed by a massive outflow of 40+ ers to France, where new lives were started by converting the French property into / using it as a camping, inn, gîte […] Sea

  • in

    Russian classics, coincidence does not exist

    Russian classics, that's what we talked about yesterday. And then an email came from well-known Jochem: “Ey, I'm sitting there now. And the classics are not all here in Chernobyl or in the woods. They are simply for sale. But there are a few things ”. Jochem is in free trade. […] Sea

  • Barn find

    Barn find, barnfind or сарай найти?

    Barn find, barn find or сарай найти? France is no longer the land of unexpected finds. The former Soviet republics have adopted that banner. The search area is a bit further than Central France, the distances are immeasurably greater. But still… they are there: the forgotten classics. These parts are teeming with […] Sea

  • BMW

    BMW Classics

    If BMW is your brand, owning a classic is a dream come true. But which classic can be your dream car? That question first deserves our full attention. That is why we have made a list for you with a few beautiful old-timers from BMW from different years, including an indication of […] Sea

  • Wolseley Hornet

    "Heinz 57" Wolseley Hornet Convertible

    It has been half a century since the British company Heinz Foods from Wembley started to embellish British streets with the 'Heinz 57' Wolseley Hornet Convertible. There were once - how could it be otherwise - 57 converted by coachbuilder Crayford. The ketchup and soup manufacturer (among others) then wanted 'the customer' to have […] Sea

  • alfa romeo 2600 sprint

    Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

    The Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint - with body designed by Bertone - has only been in production for four years. In that period barely 7.000 copies rolled out of the factory gates. The lion's share of it no longer exists. Eaten by the rust or completely flattened, the rest is now with enthusiasts or owners who have such […] Sea

  • Lenham Le Mans Coupe

    Lenham Le Mans Coupe - Missed opportunity?

    In the British town of Kidlington we arrived at the right place at the right time. A David Scott had just pushed his unfinished piece of work out of his damp shed to take pictures. A 1965 MG Midget with Lenham bodywork. Such a 'kit' is still for sale today and is […] Sea

  • Renault Dauphine

    Royal Renault Dauphine

    The British Queen Elisabeth was handed a Renault Dauphine during a factory visit to Renault on April 10, 1957. In a special faded color called 'Royal Blue' (but more leaning towards 'green') and was included in the sales brochure. At Renault this was thought to be sales in Great Britain - where these cars are also built […] Sea

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