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  • cam dash

    MiVue 792 Dash Cam - review

    The holidays are approaching, Sinterklaas - with your choice of Piet - Christmas. We get it. It was only logical that we were approached by a PR lady who asked us if we did not want to pass judgment on the Mio MiVue 792, a dash cam with - to be honest - awesome functions. […] More

  • France

    'Dupont' a kind of French Jansen

    Luc Dupont. In France that is just the same name as Piet Jansen. Luc, Monsieur Luc Dupont, runs, between Carcassonne and the Mediterranean. In that top environment he recovers as a side income and from hobby Ford Mustangs. Do not think of a large-scale event, but of one or two cars a year. And […] More

  • Renault 21

    The Renault 21. You see them a lot ...

    The Renault 21 was made from 1986 to 1994. And do you remember when you last saw one? That may have been in France last summer. Because there R21s (and R25s) function as the absolute bottom of the transport by automobile. The Renaults that still drive there are […] More

  • transitional arrangement

    Transitional arrangement: conditions for gasoline classics as of December 1 back in force

    From December 1, owners of petrol vehicles in the transitional arrangement for old-timers may park the vehicles again. The month of December 2017 is still subject to the regulation of the current calendar year. This also applies if someone has made use of the transitional arrangement this year and wishes to waive the 2018 transitional arrangement. In that case […] More

  • in

    Ducati 750 SS, Laverda SFC and Guzzi Telaio Rosso

    The Ducati 750 SS, Laverda SFC and Moto Guzzi Telaio Rosso. Those are all three legendary motorcycles with the greatest similarity that there are now more of them than the respective factories have ever produced. However unclear the Italian production figures are. The Ducati 750 SS In Auto Motor Klassiek is an extensive story about […] More

  • in

    Suzuki turbos. Those were the best turbos

    Suzuki turbo motorcycles? Those were the Suzuki XN85s that were made for about two years from 1983. And that entire production amounted to 1153 pieces. There is therefore only an unofficial site: The Suzuki XN85 turbo was Suzuki's contribution to the short but powerful Turbo era, the era in which every Japanese manufacturer built a turbo engine […] More

  • AMC Eagle

    AMC Eagle, landed earlier than the rest

    Many car manufacturers claim to have put the very first crossover-sister or crossover-so in the desperately hip-craving market. But the AMC eagle landed way before. American steel Above all, the first real crossover was born more or less out of necessity. It was the late XNUMXs and nobody was waiting for hip. It just had to […] More

  • BMW

    BMW 02

    Something to keep an eye on, a BMW from the 02 series, because they are also getting more expensive. After the Bavarian car manufacturer was saved by the success of the 1500, 1800 and 2000, the 1966 series followed in 02, indicating that it was a 2-door version. 1600-2 to 1602 Also powered by a […] More

  • Russian classics

    Russian classics will stay here

    Yesterday we talked about all those classics being brought back to their respective countries of origin Russian classics are outside of that trend. Because despite the fact that in the former USSR nowadays there are also a lot of people with (sometimes an insane amount) of money, there are still no signs that they are flocking to […] More

  • in

    Classics go worldwide

    Classics do not often stay in the Netherlands. Classics often cross the border. That is known. For some traders, between 80-90% of the turnover comes from various foreign countries. There is an explanation for this. The Dutch classic world blossomed early. There was already a lively interest and money for classics here when those things in […] More

  • Jaguar S-type
    in ,

    Jaguar S-type 3.8 Liter 1966

    When you see this Jaguar S-type 3.8 Liter from 1966, tears come to your eyes. After a carburettor fire, the Noble Roofkat (for punishment?) Had to spend at least three decades outside in the open air. Nature had taken care of it. The owner of this fine property passed away, the heirs wanted to […] More

  • Wheels

    Rims for classic cars 

    From the first automobile to the modern rim By: Rick Vugts - Wheelpoint Searching for the suitable rims that match your classic car, is quickly something like looking for a needle in a haystack due to the huge selection. Ultimately, this remains primarily a personal choice and we will certainly not pretend it […] More

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