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  • Opel Commodore

    Opel is celebrating Opel Commodore's 50 anniversary in a special classic rally

    Exactly 50 years ago, the Opel Commodore appeared on the scene as a new flagship with the 2.2 and the 2,5-liter engine. In both cases it concerned a six cylinder in-line power source, with which Rüsselsheim released a new trump card in the Sonder class. Opel is now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with four copies of the Opel Commodore type A, […] Sea

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    Suzuki's VX 800 was not a success.

    Suzuki's VX 800 was not a success. The somewhat stretchy-looking VX800 was designed in Suzuki's Design Studio in California. The VX is based on the only charismatic custom / chopper ever to come from Japan: the Suzuki Intruder. Most common are the end of production dates of 1993 for The States and 1997 for Europe. […] Sea

  • The Yamaha RD350. A fiercely serious two-stroke

    Yamaha RD350

    The Yamaha RD350. A fiercely serious two-stroke In the XNUMXs there was a jihad between four-stroke and two-stroke drivers. Just look at the first Joe Bar Team album. We are not talking about endearing free-range animals such as the then already dated Jawas, but about Japanese two-stroke. Motorcycles like musical instrument manufacturer Yamaha - remember the […] Sea

  • wood gas

    Driving on Houtgas: Houtomobiles. The lost generation

    Logomobiles ran on wood gas. In WWII they were also quite well known here. Driving on wood gas has not become a success Driving on wood gas. This requires a whole installation. And because wood gas is low in calories, driving a hauto saves about 40+% power compared to a petrol block. But there are brave […] Sea

  • Fiat 133
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    Driving with a rarity: the Fiat 133

    In 1974 Fiat importer Leonard Lang brought the Seat 133 to the Netherlands. The Spanish successor to the Seat 850, the license model of the Fiat 850, debuted in our country as Fiat 133. The new little one was positioned between the 126 (with two-cylinder engine in the rear) and the 127 successful - and modern - from the start. He […] Sea

  • slit hat

    The man with a slit hat and a ball-neck

    On the back roads: The man with a fedora and bowler Where: In the countryside. On rustic routes between villages and provincial cities such as Doetinchem and Dokkum. Most on Sundays. It concerns a dying breed: First owners driving in older, larger middle class cars. The so-called 'church cars. Think: 'wine red Audi 100 from 1983' or a brown red Opel Senator from about […] Sea

  • 70 year ferrari

    70 year of Ferrari at Concours d'élégance Paleis Het Loo

    Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The two official Dutch dealers of the Italian brand - Kroymans Ferrari and Munsterhuis Sportscars - will consider this next weekend during the Concours d'élégance Paleis Het Loo. This weekend, the two Ferrari dealers will set a line-up of historic and new models in honor of 70 years of Ferrari […] Sea

  • Rust

    The inverted world: rust on request

    The Upside Down World: Rust on request. It most resembles that. A classic restored in showroomshine was once the most beautiful thing you could imagine. Today there is still no one who spits on a perfect Daimler Sovereigns or Ferrari GTO, but there has been a completely different trend for a long time […] Sea

  • alfasud

    Alfasud in 1972

    Building a brand new car in a brand new factory, working with workers who have never built a car in their lives is a recipe for impending disaster. Just think of the Hillman Imp and De Lorean. Anyway, we started talking about the Alfasud, which by former and unemployed Neapolitan […] Sea

  • Streuer and Schnieders

    Other Times Sport dominated by side pair Streuer and Schnieders

    On Sunday, June 25, Andere Tijden Sport will be dominated by heavy motorcycles. The program is broadcast over the TT weekend. Central is the legendary and in the eighties successful sidecar duo from Assen: Egbert Streuer and Bernard Schnieders. They were not only part of the list of national motorsport icons such as Boet van […] Sea

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