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    Motorbikes from Spain, there are more than you think

    Motorcycles from Spain, there are more than you think When a good friend suddenly shows up with the dream bike from your youth. Then nostalgia suddenly hits hard. Ben van Helden is a goldsmiths trainer and motorcycle enthusiast. And in his broad love for motorcycling he was suddenly captivated by the wildly simple beauty of a Sanglas […] More

  • Yamaha RD350

    Yamaha RD350 LC

    The seventies were the peak years in the short history of the two-stroke. At the end of that period, in 1979, Yamaha introduced the ultimate two-stroke street fighter: the RD 350 LC (1979-1983) That was the successor to Yamaha's air-cooled two-strokes, the RD350 and RD400. become a bicycle. Good, […] More

  • Rotterdam

    Comments on the positive effect of air quality measures in Rotterdam

    The municipality of Rotterdam has published the results of the investigation into measures to improve air quality in Rotterdam. Those responsible have reported that the measures are “effective”. The emissions of soot (EC) and nitrogen dioxide (NoX) have decreased by 29 and 12 percent respectively. This is evident from the figures of October 2015 […] More

  • Ugly

    Ugly: The new beautiful?

    Ugly: The new beautiful? Or: Misses from the past do not guarantee future guarantees. This weekend I was riding a Johammer. An E-motor whose looks form a tension between the Junkers JU52 and Art Deco, or let it be Art Nouveau. The thing literally doesn't look like anything. And whether it will be a top seller? […] More

  • Hoornsterzwaag

    Happy in Hoornsterzwaag

    Whether I also go to Hoornsterzwaag this year. It is the question posed by neighbor Michel Verhaag from Leeuwarden, and to which he has known the answer for a long time. Yet a spontaneous “yes” escapes from my mouth. A confirmation that I would like to express, because I think the Oldtimerfestival Hoornsterzwaag is one of the nicest events in the classic field. It […] More

  • timing belt transmission

    The timing belt transmission: Again almost 40 years old

    In the beginning there was the belt drive. The timing belt transmission is fairly recent. Secondary transmission started as a leather belt. A leather belt - under tension, because he was only too happy to slip - formed the connection between the crankshaft and the rear wheel. It was. Then came the sleeve and roller chains that […] More

  • Mazda museum

    Automobil Museum Frey. The first Mazda museum in Europe

    The first European Mazda museum has recently opened its gates. In Augsburg, Germany, lovers of the brand can wallow in the history of the special brand from the land of the Rising Sun. In the Automobil Museum Frey 45 classic Mazdas will be exhibited and a constantly changing collection will be present. The Mazda […] More

  • Renault 5

    Renault 5. Successful compact and at home in all markets

    Modern, sleek, practical, front-wheel drive and child of a period when compact cars became adults. That title can be applied in full to the Renault 1972 shown to the general public in February 5. Immediately after the introduction it became clear that the French had hit the bull's eye with their new, front-wheel drive compact. And halfway through […] More

  • DKW

    DKW: From global brand to Volkseigener Betrieb

    DKW: It was once the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. But before that, some financial hurdles had been cleared. The Zchopauer Motorenwerke AG (DKW) was brought together in the Auto Union construction together with the car brands Audi and Horch. Because National Socialism gained a foothold in Germany from 1933, some politics came about […] More

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