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  • AMK Festival

    Organization AMK Festival completely ready for first edition

    This coming weekend the AMK Festival at Circuitpark Zandvoort will experience its baptism of fire. After a period of months of intensive preparation, the organization is ready to receive visitors and to steer the entire program in the right direction. The first edition of the AMK Festival, which is organized by 402Automotive and Auto Motor Klassiek, promises […] Sea

  • Honda CB

    The Honda CB 77, Laverda's example

    Being counterfeited by Italians: There is no greater compliment The big Laverda twins are legendary. Rightly so. Rarely has a machine come from Italy that was so beautiful and high-quality. The Italians were quite responsible for the looks. That was a kind of national obligation. But the technique? It was 100% […] Sea

  • AMK Festival

    This weekend: the first AMK Festival

    The first AMK Festival will take place in the weekend of April 29 & 30, named after the Netherlands' largest classic magazine Auto Motor Klassiek. An accessible event, full of action and fun. Various racing classes have already registered for spectacular action on the circuit, the Historic Zandvoort Trophy of the HARC will be part of […] Sea

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    Tripy-R, a GPS for rally drivers m / f

    The new GPS TRIPY-R: a combination of advanced technologies for the rally world. The new GPS for time recording and control “TRIPY-R” is of special significance for the world of regularity rallies VHC-VHRS; it combines advanced technologies and great ease of use. The highly sensitive receiver receives the signals from 4 satellite constellations: the American GPS system, the Russian Glonass, […] Sea

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    Porsche 914 and other Porsches

      Porsche Treffen Aquabest 28 May 2017 Also this year Arno Wienands Porsche 914 Parts will arrange another large Porsche 914 square during the already famous Porsche Treffen at AquaBest. Around 2000 Porsche's come together here every year. Last year the interest of Porsche 914 m / f owners was already considerable. And it looks like […] Sea

  • Swallow

    Rob is looking for a Swallow

    Rob van Pernis organizes the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland competition. And that has now grown into a serious 'event', a day full of beautiful cars and friendly people. This year, a historic line-up has been planned for that holiday and that line-up also includes a Wolseley or FIAT with Swallow bodywork. And […] Sea

  • VW Transporter

    The legendary VW Bus sketch from Ben Pon exists 70 year

    It was a special vehicle that Ben Pon senior sketched in his diary exactly seventy years ago, on April 23, 1947. The Amersfoort-based trading entrepreneur and founder of the Dutch Volkswagen importer provided a practical delivery van based on Beetle technology, with a strongly rounded body, the engine in the rear and the cabin above the front axle. With the sketch […] Sea

  • Abbreviations

    A motorcycle used to have a kickstarter

    In the past, a motorcycle had a kick starter, four gears, a horsepower or 50 max. And two brakes. That is different now… Below we have listed the most common abbreviations of current assistance systems. To make us realize once again what future classic enthusiasts will have to deal with. Our electronic helpers. Until far […] Sea

  • Handmade Wool

    Without (too many) comments: Handmade wool

    Craftsmanship is now a marketing concept. And marketers are crafty creatures who know exactly which buttons to push to make you make an unrelenting purchase. Nowadays, mass big data research and psychological facts are tied to this. But back in the day there was only marketing 1.0 to persuade you: Because […] Sea

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    A storage case and my sympathy for it Citroën

    About eight o'clock in the evening. The neighbor is ringing. "Erik, the lights of the Picasso are still on." I am surprised. I know for sure that I have switched off the lighting. A brief look at the prow of the Citroën teaches me: the neighbor is right. I walk to the car, take a seat, get the […] Sea

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