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  • Renault 4 vs Ford Sierra XR4i

    Renault 4 vs Ford Sierra XR4i

    Renault 4 vs Ford Sierra XR4i. That looks like a very far-fetched relationship. But Erik van Putten went for the March issue AutoMotorKlassiek looking for the surprising points of contact between these two four-wheelers. Okay, they are contemporaries And Erik found them at the Drachtense Nosstalgia Classics. Although there is only a two-year construction difference between […] Sea

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    the Citroën CX, none Citroën BX

    the Citroën CX, none Citroën BX. Another Citroën So. And that was the red one Citroën GTI. A car that would have / had a role in the movie 'Flodder'. The social media was buzzing. and everyone used the now legendary quoot: "But neighbor, what are you doing now?" Our memory deceived us […] Sea

  • BMW 1502

    BMW 1502. Restrained farewell to an era.

    In August 1975 BMW presented its 3 Series. It marked a new step in the luxury small middle class segment. The predecessor, the BMW -02 series, had been important to the Bavarian manufacturer in this specific market area. The arrival of the newcomer did not mean the final farewell to the -02 series. Because […] Sea

  • FSO Polonez

    FSO Polonez. They did not queue for it

    And this despite the fact that his name is said to be derived from that very cozy polonaise, an originally Polish dance. So not Brabantian or Limburgish. No not at all. ANCIENT In 1978 the FSO Polonez was launched by the Polish Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych. Of course that doesn't fit on any tailgate or grill, so this was abbreviated […] Sea

  • AMC Pacer
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    AMC's Pacer. He should have been so frugal

    The AMC Pacer was a highly innovative car by American standards. “A car long and a car and a half wide”. It became a car that people ran away with or ran away from. And the runaways were the deciding factor. In the March issue of AMK you can read about these Americans who combined deadliness with toughness and an uninhibited degree of finishing. […] Sea

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    King DIY 2017

    On June 3, MotoPort Hengelo will organize its annual King Self-Build Day again. This year it will already be the sixth edition! Who will be Koning Zelfbouw 2017? Maybe you? Do you have a self-built classic, café racer, bratsyle, chopper, bobber or a self-built motorcycle that cannot be categorized and do you want to participate? Then sign up […] Sea

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    The Fiat 500.

    Fiat gave the order in the mid-600s to design a model under the Fiat 500. This resulted in a car that is today an incredibly popular classic: the Fiat XNUMX. Initially, the design of the new and affordable Fiat did not catch on. In the end, after a number of […] Sea

  • Cheaper: Carl and Linda, Romania Bulgaria camping

    But it can always be cheaper ...

    In the news item about the motorcycle fair in Utrecht, we pointed out that there is a lot of cheap motorcycle clothing to score there. But everything can always be cheaper. This travel photo from the former eastern block, near the place where two Dutch acquaintances want to start a motor camping, proves this. You may see them again on “I […] Sea

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    Sanglas at the motorcycle fair or not?

    To the motorcycle fair or not? This weekend it is again the official opening of the motorcycle season in the Jaarbeurs of Utrecht. And whether we as classic enthusiasts have something to do there? The classics of tomorrow? Modern motorcycles can only be estimated in terms of 'the classics of tomorrow'. It will not him […] Sea

  • AMK Festival

    Special Porsche collection from State of Art to the first AMK Festival

    Find the first on 29 and April 30 Auto Motor Klassiek Festival in Zandvoort. Organizes in collaboration with 402 Automotive Auto Motor Klassiek a classic spectacle with numerous program elements and space for thousands of classics. One of the attractions within the program is the presence of a special collection of Porsches: the State of Art […] Sea

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    Hardenberg motorcycle market in Hoogenweg, so new location

    As at the end of every winter season, we look forward to the Motormarkt Hardenberg. The party for motorcycle enthusiasts that was normally organized at De Boshoek sports park. This year it will be on March 25, but now at a different location: “Manege Hoogenweg” in Hoogenweg. That lies in the municipality of Hardenberg and there you are already […] Sea

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