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    A happy New Year and a prosperous 2017

    Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017 Soon, after noon we will be a year more experienced and our classics will be a year older again. And if we just continue gathering days in 2017 and smile at least once a day, 2017 will be another great year. We thank you for your attention and […] Sea

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    AMK 2016. A great year at Auto Motor Klassiek.

    The accreditation from the Classic Motor Show in Bremen had just been handed to me, along with the press bulletin full of information. And the confirmation of the announcement that Walter Röhrl would give an extensive autograph session that special afternoon of February 5. It was the chance to speak to this multiple world champion. When in the evening in […] Sea

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    Adjustment of addition to young timers from 1 January 2017

    Drivers who also use a company young timer for private use can look forward to an advantage in 2017. For motor vehicles that are 15 years or older, the addition for private use will decrease. Until now, the maximum addition was 35% of the Value in Economic Traffic. It will now be reduced to 32%. In addition, […] Sea

  • The Bosozoku

    The Bosozoku: Classics on the bad path

    Classics on the bad path The 1% biker clubs, such as Angels, Satudarah etc. are motorcycle clubs that you do not want to belong to if you do not have to compensate for trauma. But that those people have been busy with motorcycles from the start, you can give them that. The De Bosozoku Japan knew that kind of […] Sea

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    Air-cooled show in Rosmalen: anniversary edition Aircooled Winterfest

    A new edition of the Aircooled WinterFest in Autotron Rosmalen will be organized on 7 and 8 January 2017. The anniversary version celebrates the fact that the festival has been around for a quarter of a century. It is expected that many Volkswagen enthusiasts will come out again. Air-cooled Cars, Porsches and items such as parts, accessories, literature and the like will be […] Sea

  • In the past ... the motorcycle market in 1948

    In the past ... the motorcycle market in 1948

    A lot is thought back against New Year's Eve. About what has gone and what has come. And we got such a moment when reading through the 'Motorrijwiel Handboek' - a kind of all motorcycles from ... Actually what the motorcycle market looked like at the time - from Boom-Ruygrok publishing house from Haarlem. From 1948. We dreamed away about the motorcycle brands that […] Sea

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    Rare beauty. The BMW 3200 CS

    At the IAA 1961 in Frankfurt, BMW presents - in the shadow of the New Class - the BMW 3200 CS. The belated successor to the 503 Coupé will be built from 1962 to 1965. The last BMW without a self-supporting body is actually a co-production. The bodywork is built at Bertone in Italy, the […] Sea

  • Motorcycles then: Everything used to be better

    Motorcycles then: Everything used to be better

    “Everything used to be better” that's a dead comment. There used to be a few things that were easier to understand. But the classics that we like so much now? At the time, they represented the current state of the art. Oil change every 2.000 km? An oil consumption of 1 liter per 1000 kilometers, a top end overhaul at […] Sea

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    De Citroën Méhari for the terrain. The 4 x 4.

    In the spring of 1979, as the popular Citroën Mehari has been around for eleven years, the French are coming with a surprising addition to the modest equipment program. Citroën the Citroën Mehari 4x4 to be announced. The quat quat is available from October 1979 and will be built until 1984. Many technical adjustments The […] Sea

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    Austin Montego

    The M-word Decades later, when you talk about an Austin Montego, Metro or Maestro in Great Britain, your British conversation partners still kindly ask you to 'Please don't mention the M-word'. You should rather not use the mentioned type names - Metro, Maestro and Montego. Advertising Such an influence do those cars have (…) […] Sea

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    Diagonal tires and radial tires: the advantages and disadvantages Imagine you have restored your classic car to perfection from before the end of the XNUMXs and are ready for new tires. The history of the vehicle has indicated that it was delivered from new with diagonal tires. Bystanders, many 'advisers' and experts have tried to […] Sea

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    Pete Estes

    The muscle man Now that the enthusiasm for the muscle car is growing considerably - because let's face it, what could be better than a thick, pounding and roaring V8? - it might be nice to know who was behind all that violence at Pontiac. Least known For those […] Sea

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