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    The most beautiful roads and routes in Europe. Part two.

    Pon recently put together a nice overview of a number of beautiful routes on our globe. We selected a number of routes and added a nice route ourselves. We also chose a classic for each route with which we would like to ride one of the routes. A purely personal choice, of course. Today we publish part two with […] Sea

  • Few kilometers: Good or Voud?

    Low mileage

    Low mileage: Good or Voud? "Look, it's even still on its first tires!" That was already intended to support sales while viewing a 32-year-old motorcycle with only 7.100 mileage on the odometer. Even in the past, there were people who bought their motorbike to avoid riding it. The first […] Sea

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    Transitional arrangement: gasoline classics from 1 December up to three months in the stable again.

    From December 1, owners of petrol vehicles in the transitional arrangement for old-timers may park the vehicles again. The month of December 2016 is still subject to the transitional arrangement of the current calendar year. This also applies if someone has made use of the transitional arrangement this year and wishes to waive the 2017 transitional arrangement. In that case […] Sea

  • Renovation: Nice or criminal

    Rebuild engines: Beautiful or criminal

    Converting motorcycles: In BMW classic circles it is usually clear: Only factory original is good. Some go very far in that. We once saw a BMW fan turn away in disgust when he noticed that the rushes were glued to a tank instead of pulled. Original is historically best But once almost every classic was just […] Sea

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    Antique car fair Eelde. Busy, colorful and atmospheric.

    Last weekend, a fun edition of the International Oldtimer Fair took place in Eelde, close to Groningen Airport. In line with previous editions, the organization once again welcomed many visitors. On Saturday or Sunday they took the trouble to visit the classic festival of recognition in the north of Drenthe. Justly, […] Sea

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    A few years ago 'your' spent Auto Motor Klassiek extensive attention to an Arkley. A polyester kit with which an Austin-Healey Sprite or an MG Midget could be made into a kind of 'baby Morgan'. An invention of the - now late - John Britten. In Arkley Indeed, he was a dealer of Morgan and established […] Sea

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    If you have been in this world for more than a few days, you will undoubtedly remember the Čezeta scooter? If not, that is not bad at all, because the Vespa, possibly the Heinkel, perhaps the Lambretta, that was what it was all about in the fifties and sixties. Design Čezeta, part of […] Sea

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    Biography Gijs van Lennep has been published

    Yesterday the biography of Gijs van Lennep was published. The book could of course only be presented in one place: at Pon, between the Porsches. 'It's not a Porsche book,' says curator Mark Koense, 'but Gijs van Lennep's racing career is of course inextricably linked to Porsche. However, in the book you can also see the other cars […] Sea

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    Highlighted. Another few showpieces from the Duemila Ruote auction in Milan.

    This weekend RM Sotheby's is auctioning an almost infinite number of (classic) motorcycles, cars, bicycles, automobilia and boats during the Duemila Ruote. The collection - once collected by the Italian Luigi Compiano - will be auctioned in Fiera Milano. Probably the entire range will be sold. There is no reserve price of […] on any of the objects offered Sea

  • 6 V, 12 V, halogen, LED. And back?

    6 V, 12 V, halogen, LED lighting. And back?

    Once upon a time, motorcyclists and motorists groped through the dark. The then current 6 V lighting provided mood lighting and at its best ensured that you were seen. The transition to 12 V had all kinds of technical reasons, but a very nice extra was that a 12 V installation for more light on the […] Sea

  • young classics

    Classics as an investment object

    Classics and their prices. Nightmares or dreams? Classics and their prices. That is a thing. On TV programs we see classics being auctioned for millions. And if and once there is news, then we only hear about top prices for masterpieces. The current interest is the reason that everyone buys classics as an investment object. […] Sea

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