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    VW 1303 Convertible. The last open beetle.

    In August 1972 the VW 1303 saw the light of day. He succeeded the 1302. The latter model was the first Super Beetle and was only on the market for two years. Volkswagen decided to revise the 1302 and launch the 1303 due to increasing safety and equipment requirements. There was of course also a convertible version, which as usual with […] Sea

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    Paste stickers

    Paste stickers. This is a simple job if you keep an eye on a few things: It is of course useful that a sticker or transfer is in the right place when the work is done. This is considerably more likely when we measure the case from the front and indicate the location. Sea

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    That cap also suits you: Blue flashing lights on classics

    That cap suits you too: Blue flashing lights on classics. Is that allowed? Via a line about the problems of someone with a 'classic', so retired 'priority vehicle', it came up again: Can the blue flashing lights remain on such a former official? Because that is a lot more real. However? No. Actually, that is not allowed. Not even if […] Sea

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    A couple of Jensens

    A couple of Jensens. You can still talk about that if you have four. Jensen Interceptors were once the ideal cars of British top footballers at the time. The audience thought the Jensens had a high 'Blingbling' factor. The Interceptors were bought by movie stars and those with young money. But the brand is now largely defunct […] Sea

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    Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turbo Autodelta. A jerk with humor

    Actually, there should be a big sticker with the 'Ten Commandments' on the dashboard of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turbo Autodelta. Because it is a car that requires a very careful approach. But with a talented pilot behind the wheel, he plays the best jokes and fun. Meet the […] Sea

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    CLASSICSNL is ready for a promising second edition

    The second edition of CLASSICSNL will take place from 28 to 30 October in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. Everything has been prepared to make the classic trade fair an even greater success than the already successful debut edition of 2015. “All stands are sold out and we have succeeded in releasing CLASSICSNL again […] Sea

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    A Renault R8 Gordini from The States

    To drive races with the Renault 8, racer and tuner Gordini developed the Renault 1964 Gordini 8 (type 1100) in 1134, recognizable on the front with only larger headlights, followed in 1965 by the R8 Gordini 1300 (type 1135) with an 103 hp engine, which made a top speed of 175 km / hour possible and got a modified front with four headlights. Sea

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    The Honda C110 and C114

    The Honda C110 and C114. Those were the Japanese motorcycles that provided the bridgehead to Europe, especially in England. They were meant to be cheap transport for the masses, but lacked the sad shabby aura and dated technology of that kind of transport. The Hondaatjes were cool, modern, reliable and fast. In the States […] Sea

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    An Austin Allegro is a nice car.

    An Austin Allegro is a fun car. Okay, it took decades before you could say something like that without being put straight into a straightjacket, but still. The Austin Allegro's (soon referred to as 'Ellendro's' in Germany) were the victims of the sad commotion that prevailed in the English car industry in their time. […] Sea

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    The Hague city council does not expand The Hague environmental zone

    The municipality of The Hague is opposed to an extension of the environmental zone of The Hague, which has been in force since 2008. The AD has published this today. At the moment, polluting trucks are banned there. This decision means that old (er) passenger cars, taxis, delivery vans and scooters will remain welcome everywhere in the Residence for the time being. “There is no evidence that the environmental zone has an effect on […] Sea

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    Camaro and Firebird: More for Men

    The Camaro and the Firebird. These are cars for men who, despite the various emancipation tsunamis, have not turned into sitting peeing wimps. They are legendary automotive icons. They are extremely user-friendly when fuel consumption is disregarded for a moment. The Camaros and Firebirds are good, solid cars. The offer is more than sufficient. […] Sea

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