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    The Opel Kadett B. Success number of Opel.

    In 1965 the first Opel Kadett B rolled off the production line. Partly thanks to the extensive range, the many options and the launch of the sporty Rallye Kadett, it has grown into a particularly successful model. No fewer than 1965 million units were built between 1973 and 2,6. The Opel Kadett B came quite early after […] Sea

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    Stainless steel bumpers as an alternative.

    Stainless steel bumpers as an alternative. A well-known problem for many classic enthusiasts: old bumpers that need a new chrome layer. It is often the finishing touch of a restoration. And very expensive ... What not everyone knows is that there is an alternative that can hardly be distinguished from chrome and that no longer rusts: bumpers made of stainless steel (stainless […] Sea

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    The Ford Escort 'dog bones'

    The Ford Escort 'dog bones'. That was the first Ford Escort. The designers did not speak of 'dog bones', but of the coco bottle line. Also beautiful. These meanwhile highly dated middle class cars were sold en masse. The third, fourth and fifth owners were actually already the carriers of the box. Because these kinds of cars were not made for eternity, as a third-hand vehicle […] Sea

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    Classic models from Citroën with a leading role on the silver screen

    We all know excerpts from famous films in which a car plays the leading role. For example during a spectacular chase. Also Citroën has a fascinating career on the silver screen. The examples below show that especially classics are preferred. Citroën in Pink Panther films The Pink Panther films have been diverse from the start Citroëns [...] Sea

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    On the way to the future: The Yamaha DS6

    On the way to the future: The Yamaha DS6. Once 250-350 cc engines were serious, medium-duty engines. And two-stroke engines were the future. That future was very promising for Yamaha. Yamaha scored its two-stroke success according to a well-known approach: Race on Sunday, sale on Monday with the Yamaha DS6, among others. The 250-350 cc Yamaha two-strokes for […] Sea

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    A VW TL with injection

    A VW TL with injection. A TLE… We hadn't seen that yet. And neither does Harry Heideveld. But Harry, who is a Ford Mustang specialist, fell head over heels for the powder blue, fully authentic maxi Beetle. The car has only run about 38.000 miles and has the traces of use that are currently so high […] Sea

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    Anniversary edition Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort becomes motorsport party

    The Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort will celebrate its fifth anniversary on 2, 3 and 4 September 2016. The racing program is a mix of the well-known public favorites and 'new' racing classes, including a class for pre-war sports cars. Appealing demos and the drivers parade through the Zandvoort center are examples of the many highlights of the three-day motorsport party. Formula 1 […] Sea

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    When accidents still happened in black and white

    When accidents still happened in black and white. Life might not have been any better then, but it was easier. Peter Ecury wandered around a street fair in Drenthe and found a banana box full of photos from the time when the occupants of cars were still themselves the crumple zones. Probably a legacy from a forgotten news agency or government agency. Who […] Sea

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    Time passes quickly. Classic prizes

    Time passes quickly. Just like motorcycles used to do. Because then we drove unlimited and always full throttle. The classic prices are also going fast. And unfortunately not quickly down for us. Now that price thing is of course for some the issues of the day. And what if we compare classic prices with current new prices? Then falls […] Sea

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    RM Sotheby's auction exotics in London on 7 September

    Enthusiasts, interested parties and connoisseurs have been looking forward to the date of September 7 for some time. RM Sotheby's is organizing another auction of a carefully curated collection of classics at Battersea Evolution in London on this day. The lot list is impressive. In terms of size and composition. On the other side of the North Sea, aspirants are […] Sea


    Against prostate cancer: Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

    On Sunday, September 25, 2016, more than 40.000 bikers in 460 cities around the world will jointly raise awareness about prostate cancer during the fourth edition of the Distinguished Genleman's Ride. Elegantly dressed gentlemen and ladies then mount their Classics, Café Racers, Bobbers or Scramblers and pay an ode to motorcycling, style, fun and friendliness […] Sea

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