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    Driving the BMW 728 (E23). An impressive experience.

    In 1977, BMW made its definitive return to the absolute top class in the automotive world with the BMW 728. The 7 series made its debut as Baureihe E23. Predecessor E3 (2500-2800-3.0-3.3) had already taken care of a considerable part of the Stairway to Carheaven for the Bavarians. The 7 series was the crowning glory. I had […] Sea

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    Holiday time, engine time

    Vacation time, engine time. Nowadays it is not uncommon to start a motorcycle holiday by putting the bike on the trailer. That's not such a bad idea. Because to first run the full 1000 km Autobahn kilometers to the Alps with a classic? That is sooooo 1960. But it is funny to […] Sea

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    Become a blood donor or plasma donor

    Become a blood donor or plasma donor. That is something quite a few people stopped when they heard what the Sanquin management was doing in terms of commercial tricks and how much that management earned from their vampire work. Nice puh ... But if someone close to you has an accident where after he injected liters of blood [...] Sea

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    Bristol is back

    One of our favorite brands is back in business: Bristol. And as it should be with that brand, the latest model is not a thirteen-in-a-dozen cars. Sea

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    Open door days at the Gillet Museum

    Open door days. That's fine, because with this summer you better be inside. Where for example? How about the Gillet Museum Well, why not in Ellikom-Meeuwen? We will explain that briefly. Ellikom is one of the five boroughs of Meeuwen-Gruitrode. The surface is 573 ha. Already in the Middle Paleolithic […] Sea

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    Daughter Mick Jagger loves Opel

    Georgia May Jagger and internet phenomenon Grumpy Cat have been photographed with Opel's past, present and future. Not for nothing, because you can find the photos on the Opel calendar 2017. Sea

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    National Oldtimer Festival Zandvoort. Classic party on 31 July

    The National Oldtimer Festival in Zandvoort will take place on 31 July 2016. The organizers have once again put together a rich and varied program. The Porsche Paddock, the classic races and the parades on the circuit are just a few ingredients of the classic menu at the National Oldtimer Festival in the Badplaats. Inseparable. That description […] Sea

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    The NSU 1200. Excellent family car from Neckarsulm

    In 1965, NSU launches a car developed directly from the Prinz 1000. It saw the light of day a year earlier and was a success for {Neckarsulm} from the start. The Typ 110 is the bigger brother and NSU's entry into the (smaller) middle class. The Typ 110 gets a longer wheelbase. He also receives a […] Sea

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    Holidays. Like it was

    Vacation. The way it was. A gravy pan full of meatballs under the passenger seat. The foot space between the backrests and the rear seat seat was so packed with stuff that a kind of flat floor was created between the backrests. “Alpenkeuzer” folding trailers that were so challenging for a 1200 cc Beetle that mother and two children had to get out to the […] Sea

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