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  • Spotted: A Mazda R100 Wankel

    Spotted: a Mazda R100 Wankel

    Spotted: A Mazda R100 Wankel. Mazdas were once structurally available in two flavors: an ordinary or a Wankel engine could be ordered in the same cars. The name Mazda, by the way, comes from an old religion. Ahura Mazda is the creative god of Zoroastrianism, he is the light and knowledge. The Mazda Familia FA2 had […] More

  • For the rear of the camper: Honda Monkey

    For the rear of the camper: Honda Monkey

    'For the back of the camper'. A kind of folding bike +. The Honda Monkeys, they are so called because the M / V rider sat on them in a 'monkey position', are ideal machines to tie behind a camper. These machines were first offered in '67 -'68 and are about the most minimal motorized traffic in every respect. […] More

  • Environmental zone

    Rotterdam and Utrecht environmental zones are back in the news today

    The environmental zone in Rotterdam and its counterpart in Utrecht have again been the subject of discussion today. De Telegraaf reported this morning that tons of advisers have been spent on consultations and publicity matters regarding various environmental measures. The environmental zone was the focal point in this. In addition, RTV Rijnmond reported that the Rotterdam Classics Foundation wants to […] More

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Portugal revisited

    Portugal revisited. This morning we had some thoughts about classics in Portugal as a result of a message sent in. And a few readers have done what we will do in the future: They checked the photo via Google and saw that the Portugal from the e-mail is actually in the Antilles. With apologies for […] More

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    Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal

    Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal. Portugal and Spain are not known as the ultimate sites for classics. But exceptions confirm the rule. “For example, a few years ago a retired American bought a farmhouse with a barn whose doors were firmly welded shut. He was the only candidate and bought the farm for an apple and a […] More

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    The Loo competition

    Concours d'élégance Paleis Het Loo: the largest classic party in the Netherlands at the Concours het Loo. The 12th edition of the Concours Het Loo in Apeldoorn is just around the corner. The biggest classic event in the Netherlands will take place on 1/3 July 2016. For the 12th edition of the Concours Het Loo, the organization assumes […] More

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    The Neckar St. Trop

    Before legislation and computer calculations took the freedom of design out of the car world ... Then you could just go ahead as a traditional artist. No crumple zones, no crash tests, just your sense of beauty and enthusiasm. That worked. The Neckar St. Trop, developed by OSI on the basis of FIAT 1100, originates from those wonderfully carefree times […] More

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    Volkswagen T1 - verkeerd afgelopen

    A clear case of Verkeerd Afgelopen seems to us too. Willyjan van der Heijden came across the unfortunate case when he was touring Norway in the summer of 2014 with his own pride, a Renault 17 convertible. “About 50 km past Oslo towards Sweden we saw this Volkswagen T1 Bus as a kind of advertisement […] More

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