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    After the water nuisance of yesterday ...

    The purchase of an amphibious classic is of course an option. Vehicles that drove less well than a regular car and performed less well than a regular boat have been around for a long time. And usually they needed and still need a lot of maintenance and care. But they were usually not 'the best of both worlds'. In […] Sea

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    Beetles and Benzen. A weekend full of German heritage in Fryslân.

    Special classics and ideal weather conditions in the Northern Netherlands formed the pleasant ingredients for the success of numerous events that were held in Friesland last weekend. We selected two events in which two of the most sold classic brands in the Netherlands were central: Leeuwarden goes Aircooled and Star Cars and Coffee in Surhuisterveen. To be in the […] Sea

  • Stitching carbo hood

    Let him choke: the carbriokap

    It is spring. But it is quite wet. And not really warm either… So the carbrio stays inside or they drive outside with the hoods closed. And convertible tops also deserve maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning, the stitching also requires attention. That stitching is very easy to check: just go over the stitching with your nails […] Sea

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    Land Rover madness

    With the last Land Rover Defender rolling off the line on January 29, the madness has struck. Prices for used copies are increasing rapidly. It can be even crazier. The very first Land Rover - with chassis number 116700001 - which was fitted with a diesel engine ex works in 1957, is located in the British town of Craven Arms, […] Sea

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    Rover SD1: 40

    In the spring of 1976, the (car) world was turned upside down. The introduction of the Rover SD1. The original bicycle manufacturer, which at that time still operated under the name of the owner Starley, came on the market in 1903 with the first motorcycle, a year later with a car, had already amazed the world in 1963 […] Sea

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    The Volvo 164. Nobel six-cylinder flagship from Sweden.

    In 1958, Volvo said goodbye to the six-cylinder era in the passenger car division for a period of 10 years. The “PV 831-PV 834” series was then discontinued. It then took a decade for the Swedes to put a new six-cylinder model into production. Volvo returned to the ranks of European large motor vehicles. And […] Sea

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    A happy gentleman

    A customer arrives at the local dump bike dealer. Obviously someone from the West. A gentleman. The neat late fifties is a bit skinny and has the looks of an official called 'Droogstoppel'. The entrant sees a few belly men sitting on the bar stools in front of the counter. The bar stools are made from MZ buddies. Gerrit stands […] Sea

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    Citroëns in De Steeg. Still put it on the agenda. Because August is closer than you think: From 11-14 August there will be a party in the Steeg, between Velp and Dieren, by the ICCCR2016 foundation. ICCCR stands for Intenational Citroën Car Club Rally. The official agreement to this effect was signed this week by Gaar zu Ortenburg […] Sea

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    Mercedes Benz this coming weekend at two Frisian events

    Owners and other enthusiasts of Mercedes-Benz classics and young timers can indulge themselves this weekend. In the Frisian towns of Burgum and Surhuisterveen, meetings take place on Saturday 28 May and Sunday 29 respectively, which can only please the Benz fan. On Saturday, Burgum is all about the Mercedes-Benz family day, which will be […] Sea

  • Ceramic pasta

    Ceramic paste: copper fat 2.0

    Copper grease is a panacea for some people. But then a panacea with a very limited lubricating effect.

    It is therefore made to prevent 'eating'. So do not use it when mounting valve stems. And preferably not for spark plugs. By the way, 'ceramic paste' is copper grease 2.0. Sea

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    What's in a name?

    Well, quite a bit. Whatever Shakespeare thought about it. Likewise, The Gallery Brummen is now called Gallery Aaldering. Nico and Nick Aaldering want to convey that the Gallery is a real family business. The fact that the new new name is also a bit easier in the mouth internationally is a bonus. Because a very substantial […] Sea

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    1974. The VW Golf by Gijs van Lennep

    In the autumn of 1974, the first clouds of dust around the launch of the Beetle successor Golf were raised. Volkswagen's compact hatch has been well received by the press. Not only the design is praised. Especially the specific driving characteristics of the front-wheel drive VW are regularly praised. In the autumn of 1974, Gijs van Lennep was the […] Sea

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