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    21-th Oldtimer festival in Hoornsterzwaag will once again be a colorful spectacle

    A gigantic spectacle that is unparalleled. For example, the colorful collection of events, which has been visiting Hoornsterzwaag for years, is known. Tens of thousands of visitors have already been guests at this event, which will be held for the 5st time on Ascension Day 2016 May 21. If it is up to the organization, the spectacle level will be a […] Sea

  • An abandoned Lancia Gamm

    A bunch of intact Lancia's

    The picture shows a Lancia Gamma as it was most common: Abandoned and rusted. Fortunately, not all Lancias ended so badly… While it looks like the sellers of woolen hats and warm sausages will do the best on King's Day, we already go to AMK number 6 […] Sea

  • Zantinge classic ride Ellecom

    Local news

    The calendar is filling up again when it comes to hits and rides. Many of the international and national rides are on the AMK agenda. But there are also many regional or local rides. For example, by coincidence we received a message from Ellecom: Dear Participant, We are pleasantly surprised by the high […] Sea

  • WHEEL BOLT, retighten. air key

    Always check

    A sound like whether a wheel bearing or a CV joint was smashed. That requires attention. Go home at a leisurely pace to take the suspicious front paw there. A broken wheel bearing is not such a problem and there are no fewer than two car parts suppliers within a radius of just as many kilometers. But […] Sea

  • Renault 30TS

    Verkeerd afgelopen?

    It looks like it. The industrial area business park of Doesburg is world famous because VW specialist Hot Rod is located there and the local Kringloop is also not wrong. When turning up to the industrial area business park there is a gate just behind the bus stop and behind it is a garage. At least: you look at the back […] Sea

  • 24 April, spring, but cool

    The 24th April so…

    AMK subscribers always receive their magazine a week before it reaches the newsstands. When the May issue hits the mat, you know that it is spring… Right? In that May issue we take a foretaste of the […] with an American convertible, a European sports car and a few motorcycles. Sea

  • Environmental zones

    Municipality of Rotterdam: “environmental zone will be in effect from 1 May”

    Despite all the opposition, objections and investigations, the environmental zone in Rotterdam will be continued. Various arguments submitted are declared inadmissible. The Municipal Executive also does not want to postpone the measures. This means that from 1 May, the rules regarding the environmental zone will be enforced in the port city. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation advocate […] Sea

  • BX GTI 2

    The French thoroughness

    Have you ever noticed that many things are certainly attributed to things that the speaker has no knowledge of? American V8s run 1 on 4, all Fiats rust and Citroens BXs are the worst cars in the world ... The chats of know-it-all uncles on boring birthdays ... People who know [...] Sea

  • Umweltzone Bottrop

    Another reason ...

    to take a weekend in the Ruhrgebiet. We mentioned it before: the industrial history, the climbing of the 'Halden', the park landscape, the friendly priced good quality catering industry, museums, correct people. The fine for the lack of the environmental sticker in Bottrop was canceled after we had explained to the officer in question that we were in […] Sea

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    Heart of the ANWB Roadside Assistance: the Citroën 2 CV

    The yellow brigade of the ANWB existed 15 years on April 2016, 70 and the anniversary was celebrated. The lifeguards in bad luck have become iconic on our national roads from 1946. Today, arriving yellow Volkswagen cars are at least a symbol of hope in the event of an automobile disaster. But from the transition period between the fifties and sixties […] Sea

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