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    Auto Motor Klassiek today a guest at BNR Media Affairs

    Auto Motor Klassiek is a guest at BNR Media Affairs today. The BNR radio program, presented by Harm Edens, focuses on developments in advertising, media and marketing. In the radio broadcast of 31 March, Frank Bouckaert (commercial) and Erik van Putten (editor) will Auto Motor Klassiek represent. Multiple themes The broadcast […] More

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    A FIAT limousine

    Extend a Fiat more than one meter? Then you will get a very long 500. The extended Fiat 2300 in the April issue of AMK has also become very impressive. This car for dignitaries therefore weighs more than one and a half tons. And the open roof provides space for the passenger if they are looking for a standing place […] More

  • Still impressive: the Scott Flying Squirrel

    Still impressive: the Scott Flying Squirrel

    Two strokes have in the meantime become history because of the environmental requirements. And that while the Jawas from the fifties and early sixties were technically advanced and reliable, in the seventies and eighties the Suzuki T 500, GT 750 and the legendary Kawasaki three-cylinder were highly up-to-date and very impressive. But just after the war […] More

  • The men behind Porsche

    The men behind Porsche

    There are few brands that capture the imagination as much as the Porsche brand. The name Porsche has actually been associated with technical innovation and top quality since 1900. And dynamic sportsmanship. And it was three highly gifted technicians with the same last name who made the brand a legend. You read the whole story […] More

  • cable eye

    DIY repair: a coupling cable

    Clutch cables have had plastic eyes for years. And that system is very reliable until the plestik is old enough. Then the cable breaks on the eye. Unfortunately. But clutch cables are usually easy to find. Except when it comes to coupling cables from Genuine Exotics. Such as that of the editorial 1900 cc Audi 100 five-cylinder with […] More

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    Boy toys, internet and bygone dreams

    “We quit. It is no longer possible. Everything we still have now will be sold with a 25% discount. ” It was an answer to the question where the toy department had gone. Presented to the location manager of the Mazzelshop in Leeuwarden, former Walhalla for anyone with a preference for realistic toys from Playmobil, Lego, […] More

  • VW March Hare

    A VW Easter Bunny: the VW March Hare

    The Mach Hare… The March Hare. But not the one from Alice in Wonderland. This VW Easter Bunny is a kitcar from apparently the early 70s. We found it for sale a while ago through Hemmings. The asking price of $ 12500 has since been reduced. But it is and will remain an Easter Bunny. Pleasant […] More

  • Ducati Scrambler head

    When there were no marketers yet ...

    Back then motorcycle factories did not make lifestyle items aimed at the target group, but motorcycles. The reborn Ducati Scramblers are very nice motorcycles, but rather the result of an almost perverse marketing strategy. That is of course also well done. But the primal Scramblers were motorcycles that conquered hearts without a whole marketing process preceded. […] More

  • CJ 5 original

    For the citizenry: the Jeep CJs

    The first issue of spring 2016 tells the history - and buying tips - of the Jeep CJ (civilian Jeep) 's. These were tools rather than automobiles. While preserving their essence, the CJs evolved somewhat. They became more bourgeois than in name alone. But their biggest change was in their buying public. The CJs were […] More

  • Handy: Wire glue

    Handy: Wire glue

    Of course we are all wizards when it comes to soldering. But some components, such as the original handlebar switches of certain Italian classic motorcycles, or printed circuit boards are quite heat sensitive. And if the soldering iron is just too hot, or is held against the connection to be soldered just too long, the switch will get a serious meltdown. […] More

  • Classics and entrepreneurs

    A kind of Linked'innetje?

    If you have three entrepreneurs from very different sectors within a week (transport, facility services and an installer) who have the same passion, then those entrepreneurs have a common denominator. In the context of AutoMotorKlassiek is that unexpected shared passion then of course the love for classics. And if you have people who share a passion, then […] More

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