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    Latest Beatles Mini

    The Radford de Ville Mini Cooper was sold on September 16, 1965 through BMC dealer Car Mart Ltd. in Ealing (London) was sold to bodywork company Radford and after 'treatment' was delivered on November 2 of that year to Brian Epstein Automobiles. This car surfaced a few years ago. It also traded under […] Sea

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    Remove rust from gas tank

    Suppose you have bought a classic that has been idle for more than a few days. That does not necessarily have to be a restoration object ... After everything has been made ready to drive again, you go on the road with it. To be on the safe side, you installed a new fuel filter, among other things. After several hundred kilometers of driving pleasure, the starting […] Sea

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    Citroën Traction Avant and Maurice Sizaire

    At the introduction of the Citroën Traction Avant - where the last two words mean nothing other than 'Front-wheel drive' - in 1936 the newborn was also praised for its rack and pinion steering, perhaps better known to you as 'rack and pinion'. Bee Citroën it was announced that the TA was the first - French - car to receive a […] Sea

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    From left to right

    What many people do not know is that decades ago in Sweden, just like in Great Britain, there was also left-hand driving… On Sunday 3 September 1967, at exactly 05.00 am in the morning, all motorists had to change tack. That is, start driving on the right. Just like in the rest of the European mainland. […] Sea

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    Oldtimer exhibition in the IJsselhallen Zwolle?

    No, it is not there. And that while we have mentioned it in the event calendar of Auto Motor Klassiek for this weekend. Unfortunately, that kind of thing sometimes happens, events are communicated to the editors far in advance and we put them in the event calendar. Then something is changed, an event is […] Sea

  • Now that the season has come to an end, it may also be a good time to point out the unique sponsorship concept of the Westfield Driver Association. Namely, 'lottery tickets' are sold for € 500 each. In addition to the listing on all cars in the banner, each ticket also takes part in the lottery. The first meeting of the new season draws and the winner of the lottery may call himself title sponsor of the cup. In the past season it was ANAC Car Wash. In addition, the shield sponsor and event sponsors are drawn. Perhaps this is also an interesting option for AMK. The AMK Westfield Cup ... sounds nice. In addition, € 500 is also a reasonable amount. Incidentally, there is a temporary offer, for € 1000 the sponsor does not get two but three participations, so three chances.

    Westfields are okay. Yet?

    Ever heard of the ANAC CARWASH WESTFIELD CUP, EVENT 7. at the CIRCUIT PARK ZANDVOORT. A party that was celebrated on October 18? We heard about it during a visit to the local Brezan, who we met Commercial Employee Brezan Automaterialen and Chief Writer Westfieldcup.nl: Ivan Kok. Hereby his report. HANS WELLINK WINS EVENT, WILLEM […] Sea

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    Coalition parties House of Representatives reject motions for modified old-timer scheme

    The House of Representatives has rejected the motions regarding an amended transitional arrangement for old-timers. On October 12, Ronald van Vliet and Tony van Dijck submitted motions to expand the transitional arrangement. In it they indicated that it would be desirable to also use old-timers running on Diesel and LPG of the transitional arrangement […] Sea

  • Note the windscreen wiper!

    Do you already have one? A car cover?

    Unbelievable, but many classics still hibernate without pajamas. And that while a good cover can be a boon for your classic car or motorcycle. Such a cover not only protects your property against dirt and dust, but also prevents your beloved cat from sharpening its nails on a convertible top or buddy seat. A more serious kind […] Sea

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    Beautiful debut edition CLASSICSNL in Leeuwarden more than successful

    From 23 to 25 October, the first edition of the CLASSICSNL classics fair took place in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. The exhibition organization had announced in advance that it would strive for a nice balance between exclusivity and common sense. After a tour of three days, only one conclusion is justified: this fair tastes like more. […] Sea

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