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  • Tonka1

    Tonka. Tough and endearing

    Tonka. Tough and endearing. Started as an indestructible tool. And apparently sponsored by Eetcafe het Schilder, in Dieren. We understand that in terms of catering. The thing has to drink like a double thirsty pub tiger. We don't know exactly what is underneath all that home-made sheet metal, but the exterior is in any case based on the Jeep XXXL concept. […] Sea

  • empty garage

    Read your policy!

    It's vacation time. And quite a few classics have to stay at home to wait until we get back. And sometimes it takes too long… RECOVERY: Your classic will be gone when you return. And the insurance may not pay. Sea

  • animals, vineyard

    Living like God in ... Animals

    Netherlands wine country. Who could have thought? In Dieren, the Hof te Dieren vineyard is the largest walled vineyard in the Netherlands. And of course that vineyard is world famous in Gelderland. Sea

  • Eerbeek

    The 30ste Eerbeek tour

    On 17 August there will be the Eerbeek Veterans and Classic motorcycle tour for the thirtieth time. You can register up to 4 August and it costs the full 8 euro. Sea

  • oignies, Ardennes

    Ardennes suffering

    The main means of existence in Wallonia? Those are euros. And those euros are richly provided via Flanders and Brussels. Edu lives on it. Sea

  • in

    The Porsche 914: the VolksPorsche

    Porsche wanted a replacement for the 912 and to expand the customer base and keep the 914 affordable. Volkswagen was looking for a successor to the Karmann Ghia at the same time - the end of the XNUMXs Sea

  • Arnhem environmental zone

    Audi celebrates 25 anniversary TDI engine

    Audi is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TDI engine this year. In the autumn of 1989, the brand presented the Audi 100 with a 2,5-liter TDI engine, a fully electronically controlled direct-injection turbo diesel engine at the IAA in Frankfurt. Oil crisis argument for development of new diesel Already in the mid-XNUMXs Audi, partly under […] Sea

  • in

    August number Auto Motor Klassiek

    Subscribers with a benevolent postal worker already have it on the bus today, if you buy it in the store, you have to wait a little longer. The new issue, August 2014, will be available in stores from Tuesday. And we have again done our best to create a beautiful, varied song with something for every classic fan. Sea

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