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    April AMK deadline

    Daf 32 combi from 1966, BMW 320i Convertible, Puch M50 Djet, Citroen AMI in the Garbage Run, Honda Gold Wing café racer, 1958 Mercedes 300 SL. So in the coming issue. Sea

  • martyr talk, protection, damage

    Martyr dish protection

    You think, "Ah, scrabble!" But martyrdom protection is serious business. The owner of the youngtimer in the photo was pretty despondent. In the meantime, his local Brezan branch kept a supply of extra spark plug cables for him.

    With the solution that the owner eventually came up with, he will not win any prizes at the Loo. But the martens have meanwhile had to look for something else to gnaw. Sea

  • coupling, start colors

    Starting colors: the coupling has been hot

    The clutch plate in the photo also has start colors. The link has been too hot. And that can / will have happened by driving a slipping clutch often and for a long time.

    The link is therefore from a classic that…. Has been from a Real Old Lady. The clutch plate was worn down to the rivet lesson. And oh yes; the rest of the car was spotless.

    But when purchasing your classic, always check the clutch for slipping. Because certainly with a front-wheel drive car, replacing the clutch is often quite an (expensive) job Sea

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    Stichting Autobelangen nuances tax authorities' statements on the number of objections

    The Stichting Autobelangen today nuanced the premature reporting of the Tax and Customs Administration and various media about the better than expected number of objections to the new oldtimer scheme. The Tax and Customs Administration had reported to the ANP that only a few dozen objections against the tightened MRB rules had been filed and that the number was therefore not too bad. The news agency again circulated that message […] Sea

  • BCHonda2

    A classic custom bike from BC

    This Honda CB 400 F was commissioned. He will be displayed in the window of a trendy clothing store. BC is approachable for assignments. He wants to make things for you that he likes. And you shouldn't want your price to be finished within a week ... Sea

  • Stolen classic car

    Security and detection

    Through prevention advice, registration, publication and proactive tracing of stolen old-timers and exclusive cars. An alert system is linked to this database, which means that (at the moment) already 3000 people immediately Sea

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