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    AMK photo competition holiday snapshots

    At this moment the photo contest of August on Facebook is almost coming to an end. Next Sunday we will announce the winners. It will be exciting. But all opportunities are still open, you can even participate. Up to and including Saturday. Sea

  • volvo-venus-bilo-1

    Volvo and streamline ...

    For fans of the 240 series a strange idea. But in 1933, Volvo wanted to figure out how the audience was compared to a very streamlined car. And so the 'Venus Bilo' was born. The first 'concept car' in the world. Sea

  • Electric morris minor

    An electric Minor ...

    Electric Morris Minor More has been done and is still being done: converting classics into electric cars. We also get photos of proud builders. But what should we do with it? It can be clever and beautifully done. Sea

  • citroen_mehari_presentation_deauville_010

    De Citroën Méhari is 45 year

    On the chassis of a Dyane and the 602 cc block from the Eendekooi. A 'fun car' avant la lettre. Nice and international! The body, the shell was made of ABS. Thoroughly colored and, in the long term, rather UV sensitive… Citroën Méhari was heart-conquering Sea

  • Honda mugen 1000 / 2

    Thanks to Vincent HRD

    Hirotoshi Honda and his companion thought they could also build a complete engine. And why not implement such an idea in a grand and compelling way. We are talking about the mid-XNUMXs and the great source of inspiration? The Vincent HRD. Sea

  • The Michigan Madman

    The Michigan Madman

    EJ Potter, the Michigan Madman has not been with us for a while. But we still want to pay attention to this man who especially caused a furore with motorcycles with transversely placed V8 blocks. Sea

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