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    Engine moment

    Llwellyn is not a warrior. He is a poet. It has the appearance of a mildly surprised, flawless gnome. He is one of the vague acquaintances who occasionally manifest themselves in someone's life. A while ago he had e-mailed that he was coming to the Netherlands. For field research for his newest bundle.

    Its provisional working title was “Druids, motorcycles and Caribean girls”. The "druids" were just bait or excuse for intellectuals. His own BMW R60 / 5 Sea

  • Kate Moss, Matchless, Italy, Belstaff

    Matchless is coming back ...

    Matchless belongs to the group of brand names that in the meantime has had more owners than machines are made of it. Now just rescued from Greek hands by a bunch of Italians.

    The Malinotti clan wants to make Match lessons Sea

  • car sleeper train, classic, travel, convenience

    The AutroSleep Train

    In addition to cars, the AutoSlaap Trein is also suitable for taking your motorcycle or bicycle to or from your holiday destination, but you are also welcome on board without a vehicle! The destination Alessandria is also convenient to the Côte d'Azur and from our destination Livorno (Tuscany) you have an excellent connection by ferry to Corsica or Sardinia. From Koper in Slovenia you can easily reach Croatia Sea

  • Black chrome from a spray can

    Heat resistant up to 900 degrees!

    Foliatec is an innovative German paint manufacturer.

    The company makes, among other things, a lacquer foil that can be peeled off again later. Nice if you don't want to make your classic orange forever ...

    But their heat-resistant 2K exhaust paint fits us better. The two components are in the 1 spray can, the mixing is done by (very) vigorous shaking. The black chrome look that is the end result works great on exhaust parts, including manifolds. Sea

  • hiker's cabin, budget, overnight stay

    Between tent and hotel

    And we're not talking about the Stay Okays, the former 'youth hotel', but about Hikers' cabins.

    Those basic log cabins provide everything a traveler needs. You will find them at a select number of campsites, combining the ultimate traveler feeling with a comfortable place to sleep.

    The approach is not very suitable for very modest classic enthusiasts.

    Because other camping guests soon come to have a look and have a chat. Sea

  • oil, lubrication, additives

    For professionals

    Oil additives. Books have been written about it in full and the world can roughly be divided into two parts: Believers and Unbelievers Sea

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    Motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB)

    Our mission: unconditional retention of the motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB) scheme as we know it up to now.

    The approach: trust. After all, a government must be reliable. Changing a rule repeatedly over a period of a few years without urgent necessity does not inspire confidence in citizens. Sea

  • Rik Ringers in a Facel Vega

    A Facel on the cover

    Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet) is a detective comic series about the eponymous main character of screenwriter André-Paul Duchâteau and draftsman Tibet (Gilbert Gascard). The core of almost all episodes is a (often supernatural) crime and the related reason for crime reporter Rik Ringers to investigate the mystery. He is assisted in this by Commissioner Baardemakers Sea

  • locktite aluminum repair

    Aluminum adhesives

    Epoxy adhesives

    If glue is good in the aerospace and aircraft industry, then we will get away with it.

    The modern (gap-filling) epoxy adhesives also make metal repairs on engine components accessible to us, keyers and hobbyists who at Locktite actually think of deposit fluids.

  • Weekers, Bulgaria

    So weekers ...

    The man who in his letter, see this section of yesterday, proudly and happily told us how he had saved Classic Driving from ruin and, in the process, had achieved the blow to a lot of smaller garage owners, can be just as proud of his policy towards Bulgarian co Europeans who came here to rob the treasury.

    Just Google under 'Weekers and Bulgarians'

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    Our own Soap - exemption MRB share something

    A striking detail is, of course, that part of the alliance, the BOVAG and the RAI have been urging the government since the beginning of last year to overhaul the scheme for old-timers. So you may wonder why people have repented there now, or there are hidden agendas. Who now has what interest? The importance of the BOVAG and RAI is of course clear. But what is the importance of the KNAC in this? The KNAC has traditionally been a club for modern transport. But in recent years it has also moved towards the classic driver.

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    On the barricades for the Oldtimer enthusiast, part 2

    But we are not there yet. Although, according to the latest reports, the state secretary is no longer able to come out of it and Jan Kees de Jager has been called in for help, we are not yet allowed to rest on our laurels. That is why we started yesterday with the 'Old-timer enthusiasts' group. Another interest group? Yes, because it is important to unite old-timer enthusiasts. Not by representing a select group, but rather the love for the classic. That is why you are also welcome in this group, anyway. It doesn't matter if you get completely lyrical about cars, motorbikes, campers, trucks or any other classic vehicle. Whether you love Italian motorbikes or American cars. Want to go on holiday with your Volkswagen camper or just want to enjoy your WWII truck. Or just saving for something fun. Everyone is welcome, as long as you have something with vehicles of 25 years and older.

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