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    Buying a Rover P5 or P5B

    Recently confronted with an enthusiast who had set his sights on a P5 type Rover, but lost his interest in crafting because he ended up from one disaster to the next. Such a Rover is a jewel and exudes British aristocracy and not only because it was the favorite transport of the British royal family some forty or fifty years ago. It is therefore always a shame and very unfortunate if such an edetset is eventually cannibalized ...

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    Exceptional: Rover P5 Camper!

    It shouldn't get any crazier, a Rover P5 - in this case from 1969 - that has been converted into a camper van? Apparently, two - although - different ones were once built. The copy shown here is pretty much from 2009 at various Rover club meetings and classic fairs Sea

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    Buy a classic

    The temptation is great, buy your own classic! Before you get that far, it's a good idea to do your homework properly. Buying happens faster and is easier than maintaining, late Sea