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    Antifreeze for vintage cars

    You probably don't want to think about it on a beautiful sunny day like today. But it may be useful to know that given the winter conditions of the last two years, with extreme freezing temperatures, antifreeze is not antifreeze Sea

  • NSU RO80

    NSU RO80

    Recently we were confronted with a spotless, metallic blue NSU RO80 from 1974, a perfectly running engine, good shifting and just no 100.000 kilometers Sea

  • Pegaso

    Cod and Pegaso

    Many readers may know Pegaso of the trucks that were produced for years mainly for the Spanish home market. But shortly after the Second World War Sea

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    Buy now: D-Kadett GTE

    Once per tens of thousands of items shipped to dealers around the world. Nowadays scarcer than a snowboard in Ivory Coast. A Kadett D GTE is a stable youngtimer. Sea

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    Duesenberg to scale

    Enthusiastic AMK reader Ed Verhoeven was greatly impressed by the accompanying Duesenberg. Not so much because of the car itself, but especially the reconstruction of the 1932 SJ in scale 1 on 6 did Sea

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    Youtube - do you still remember this?

    He just finished; the large advertising exhibition in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage. Missed? Don't worry, because on YouTube you can watch the best commercials from back then at home. And then have Sea

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