1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. What a great find. Part 2

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In March of this year I received a nice offer following an advertisement in Germany. A 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. A car that was originally delivered in the Netherlands in 1957, from first owner, stainless and stored since 1985. 

By: Daniel Schop

In part one you can read how the car was picked up, the first introduction to the car and the first steps to bring the car back to life. The car was inspected on the bridge. Among other things, the fuel tank and pipes were overhauled. 

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Continue with the ignition

We have now started working with the Chevrolet Bel Air again. No spark, but tension on the ignition coil and the distributor cables are old. After some measuring we are out. There is a break in the ignition coil cable. So we order everything new. For this, we contacted our supplier C and P USA Parts in Reuver. These are super friendly guests with knowledge of American car parts and they can also supply those parts. We always have a chat and one thing leads to another.

Order parts

In the telephone conversation with C&P I tell enthusiastically as always 😊 that we are working on the Chevrolet Bel Air and tell the story of the origin of this special classic. But also that we want to write a nice article together with AMK. After which I of course order the necessary parts for the ignition. 

Sea practice and technology through this link.

Ten minutes later, Chris, branch manager of C&P USA parts, calls, excited about the story being on Auto Motor Klassiek appears. Ask me what else I need and promises a big discount if I also advertise his company. After consultation with the editors of Auto Motor Klassiek no problem. 

Make an inventory

I work with Erwin. We are going to inventory what we all need more to get this Chevrolet Bel Air fresh on the road. The fuel tank was dirty and at the top it still showed quite rust. After consultation, this was also ordered new.

We brought the radiator away. This is equipped with a new cooling block. We also ordered a new water pump and thermostat and of course freezing plugs.

Now that the radiator is out, we can flush the cooling channels of the engine well, this will be done later.

In addition, we have ordered four new wheel brake cylinders, new brake shoes, all belts and an overhaul kit for the carburettor and fuel pump.

Now we have to wait for the parts and then we will continue with this super fun project.

It is hoped that the engine will run smoothly of course. Worst case scenario is that we take out the engine and overhaul it. But we don't run on the windshield. If that's the case, then so be it. This classic deserves the best!

Via Facebook I received some nice pictures from the then Dealer Hogguer. The photos were provided by R. Hogguer. Very nice.

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