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The Classic Motor Show in Bremen will open its doors this Friday. The undoubtedly large numbers of visitors will come face to face with an impressive collection of classics and young timers. Traditionally, the opening of the German classic season includes various themes in the car and motorcycle fields. One of those themes is "100 year BMW".

The Bavarian brand also presents itself in Bremen with a selection of beautiful heritage that was produced in the impressive history. That history started on 7 in March 1916, when the "Firmengrundung" took place. In 1929, BMW started building its first passenger car, the 3 / 15. That was a licensed derivative of the Austin Seven. Since the construction of the very first BMW passenger car, the group has been building an impressive product range that has produced various gems. A number of those historical models find their way to Bremen.

One of the most beautiful BMWs in history is on display in Bremen as part of "100 years BMW": the beautiful 507. Image: BMW
One of the most beautiful BMWs in history is exhibited in Bremen as part of "100 year BMW": the beautiful 507. Image: BMW

Rare heritage from Bavaria
In collaboration with Allianz-Versicherung und Feierabend GmbH from Würzburg, a beautiful team with Bavarian heritage was composed. The public can assure themselves of the presence of the BMW 328 (only 1937 built between 1940 and 464), the fabulous “Albrecht Graf Görtz BMW 507” (built between 1956 and 1959 only 204 times) and the BMW M1 of Giugiaro, which perfectly fits the "Keilformenthema" in Bremen.

A few more BMW surprises
The Bremer project leader Frank Rüge does not yet want to throw all BMW cards on the table. But he has indicated that the visitors "may welcome some pleasant surprises from Bavaria in the northern German Hanseatic city."

More Info
The Classic Motor Show in Bremen will be held in Messe Bremen from 5 to 7 February. You will find more information about this fine and traditionally highly recommended fair here .

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