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  • Opel Diplomat A V8 Coupe 1965 1967 front left 2008 07 17 U

    Opel Diplomat A Coupe. A Gran Turismo from Rüsselsheim

    Welcome aboard. The huge door closes with a reassuring thud. You sit on wonderfully soft, leather-covered seats. All around you is chrome and wood veneer. Everything is beautifully and tastefully finished. The large windows are all domed and have a soft green tint. The beautiful, two-tone steering wheel has a chrome-plated horn ring. The elongated speedometer goes up to 250 kilometers per hour. More

  • P1120489

    The Chinese takeaway, part 2 – column

    A befriended BMW six-cylinder motorcyclist recently counted down two grand for a major overhaul, including fresh brake pads and new tires. His dealer charges € 100 per hour without VAT. Another BMW enthusiast, Gerhard, has closed his four-cylinder history. He missed the boxer feeling and found his four-cylinder unfriendly maintenance and not winter-resistant. (Amazed reaction from BMW Motorrad NL: “But you drive it through the winter?!”) He has started driving a real BMW again: an RT100. In his spotless workspace he does all maintenance and repairs himself. More

  • Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982)

    Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982). The fire of joy for Jetse 

    A beautiful story of father and son with a healthy dose of car enthusiasts. In 2015 a Volkswagen Scirocco was found and the passion broke through to start a restoration job. It was the right thing to do, nothing could stop them, it felt good and they both let themselves be guided by a fantastic sense of pleasure. If you are enthusiastic, then nothing seems difficult, but it took at least 5 years of hard work to prepare the Volkswagen for a second life.  More

  • DSC 0379 1024x685 1

    The hero of the Route Nationale

    July 26, 1936: in front of the building of the French automobile club at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, a muddy Citroën 11CV. A small, not very young, somewhat stocky Frenchman steps out, who has just driven 400.000 kilometers in one year. Francois Lecot thus set a record, which was only broken in 2003. More

  • Honda NTV 650

    Honda NTV 650 (1988-1993). Old or Classic?

    Like a Triumph Bonneville from 1969 you envision as a classic? Then an engine, a Honda NTV, from the eighties or nineties is of course just a new thing. So classic? Or just old? Oh, yes: it has shaft drive. The Honda NTV is an excellent all-rounder with its very own identity and the absolutely indestructible technology with which Honda has built its empire. More

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